1 Mar 2010


 Idli ,Thosai,Appam

Indian breakfast meal which is also eaten as snack food for tea break,sometimes as full light meal for lunch
or dinner.At Anna's they only serve in morning for the breakfast, idli, thosai and appam.
Appam traditional a South Indian  breakfast from Kerala usually eaten with diluted coconut milk or curries(Chicken,fish, mutton).Here in Singapore most of the time it is eaten with brown sugar or is it red sugar?
 At Anna's there is sugar provide but I am going with the gravies supplied.The appam just came from the mini wok pipping hot.The egdes were super crispy,the little gooey textured in the centre was moist, soft, spongy. It was simply delicious.This is surely one best appam I have ever had.Super good.70 cents each.
 Idlis looking very white was soft, light and easily crumbed with the gravies.The sambar is decent can be a bit watery at times.The chutney are decent too for the price. Speaking about gravies,they are the is the same for all the items.
 This is simply the best Idlis I have eaten so far. I have not come across a better one than this.This is way the Idlis should be done, almost as perfect as it can be.The Idils here finishes faster than any other item here.Simply awesome.50 cents each.
 Thosai were quite good, very decent for the price, went well the gravies.70 cents each.
 Masala thosai was okay reasonable for the price.$1.20
 Cerainly  the ldlis and the appams here are a class above than most of the stalls I have tried..With a cheap price attached this is simply awesome.(Gravies are decent but could be a bit more better)

ANNA(Brothers) Thosai Stall
Tekka Food Centre.
6.30am -11.30am( Idils finishes earlier)


  1. My favourite is definitely thosai! Love it so much that sometimes I make it myself as my neighbourhood hawker centre only has one Indian stall which sells bad, overpriced Indian food. So sad :( Your post is making me really want some now!

  2. More prefer thosai than the other 2.Ever get a chance try thosai,idli or appam with chicken curry.Taste will surely appease more than the tradition gravies for the stalls.

  3. from which part in india do they call brother anna?

  4. In the southern state of India Tamil Nadu.