8 Mar 2010

Char Bee Hoon with cockles,sausages ,fish cakes

Fried Bee Hoon...Yes! Char Bee Hoon ...not Char Kuay Teow.

Decades back it was very common to see the Char Kuay Teow stalls also selling Char Bee Hoon and the Char Mee done the same way as Char Kuay Teow with soy,oyster sauce, sausages,cockles and fish cakes.
Somewhere along the both the version of the Bee Hoon disappear the Yellow Mee somehow got married to Kuay Teow and still having a beautiful life in Char Kuay Teow.
Bee Hoon went on it's own and became quite popular in the breakfast meal with Mee and Kway Teow tagging along.

But they all simply pre fried  in soy sauce with particularly nothing added to it.
So imagine the joy in this heart.The stall that sells Char Bee Hoon which was closed for sometime,was open and it was still selling Char Bee Hoon.Yipppee!!

 The Bee Hoon looking abit thicker than the normal thinner ones,was very well infused in sauce with cockles,fish cakes,sausages, prawns(frozen type) and veges,was sight of a beautiful art.Everything blended so very well with just the right amount sauce and sweetness.It tasted heavenly, maybe it's just I  missed it so much.But I did really enjoyed it and liked it it alot.
I asked the nice man if could make me a Fried Mee(not in the menu)he looked at me awhile(I thought I am going to Get It!.Mind you, it's very busy stall) but he asked "just Mee same as the Char Kuay Teow and Bee Hoon".Yes!yes! was my reply.He gave me smile and went about his cooking.
The Fried Mee was served the same as the Bee Hoon.It's was very nice, all the ingredients complimented each other very well(expect the prawns).It was simply delicious, very yummy.Maybe I missed it too for soo long.But I am really enjoying this.
Both Char Bee Hoon and Char Mee  were very nice and tasty .I am surely going again.Have a taste see what is missing in a CKT stall.

 Golden Mile Fried Kuay Teow
#B1-37Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road

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