17 Mar 2010

A Hot Hot Spot

 Hot Spot Restaurant Cafe
Situated in Burlington Square along Bencoolen Street,opposite Sim Lim Square. I have seen the queue and the crowd here, I just passed it off as office crowd queue.With very passing by of the place I was certainly tempted to give a try.

Inside there were three stations,the the dish and prices indicated clearly.The display looked very pleasing especially the piled up beaten fried eggs.I ordered Seafood Tom Yam soup with rice with add on of fried eggs.
The Tom Yam soup did not look much at a first glance a simple stir and you can see the choke full of ingredients.Thick slice of  fishes, cuttlefish,prawns and tau fu and of course my add on fried eggs.
The taste of of tom yam broth was certainly unexpected,the aroma of the lime,lemon grass,the taste of spice,sourness and freshness of the seafood with slight touch up to the taste to make abit of their own style,it was simply awesome,tasted better than what I was expecting,better than some of the top Thai restaurants.Simply Yammuylicious .$5.20(without add on fried eggs $4.70)
With completely  impressed with tom yam soup,how could I not I try some of other items on the menu.
Sliced fish soup.Thick cuts of sliced fish was very fresh with veges with milk added ,soup was very good,very tasty.$4.70 with added fried eggs.
 The Fried Fish Soup normal without milk.The fish looked like a Dory fish fillet fried  lightly.But there was no fishy taste at all and surprising tasting quite fresh, boiled with veges,topped with fried eggs the clear soup, had a darker colour,was very good and tasty.With or without milk the soup was still very tasty. $4.70
 Another station I had Yong Tau Fu(dried,soup,curry).I had the dried version which turn out to be Hakka style Yong Tau Fu.
Had kway teow for the dried version which by the way was not dry at all,in fact it was served in sea of light thick dark sauce, can't distinct  any flavour or anything outstanding but certainly blended very well with the kway teow and somehow was very nice and eaten with the Yong Tau Fu stuff it was very good.
The Yong Tau Fu stuff were all very fresh, the fried stuff were refried  upon selection.I was expecting meat fillings but most were all fish filling.Served in a different lighter colour thicker dark sauce, infact too thick but  very tasty,with hint of sweetness went very well with all the stuffs.
All the items I had here were more than satisfactory above average.The Tom Yam Soup is a worth the trip.
This is a  very Hot Spot indeed.
Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant
 Burlington Square
175 Bencoolen Street #01-34


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_Kp01lv4Pk

  2. They have very rude waitress,especially the Malaysian waitress and one china waitress with two earring in the ear,a lot of seat but this two waitress not allowed us to sit,we have children with us,and yet they asked us to sit at the smoking area,and scoled me pig,see how rude they are and the food so so only.

  3. When this post came out I try out this it was very good then.Now as you mentioned it is not worth it.