31 Mar 2010


The man with the golden...or is it just a Rolex.

Never the less it is Rolex.
More famously known for his Rolex watch on his wrist with smart attire, with clean neat pants and long selves when he does his cooking of the Hokkien mee.His history goes back to the fifties.Now he does not cook much but he has quite a number of branches selling his famous Kim's Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee.
I had Hokkien mee at Eunos and Joo Chiat.

EUNOS..Kim's Famous Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

 The Hokkien Mee was pre fried sightly and left aside.And it is fried again on order. The mee was done by a plump man,not the Rolex boss,it came looking quite attractive, beautifully presented with ample ingredients of prawns and cuttlefish.The mee was mixed well, wet thick,not soggy just right,tasted very good, nice with the stock all infused together.
 The chilly was very good,not hot but very nice. Though the hokkien mee was very good there was still something amiss when compare with some of best around,wouldn't pin point what is it.
I am no makan guru.I just eat la.Minimum price $5.00
I travel Joo Chiat will it unveil any difference ???

Joo Chiat...Kim's Place Seafood
 Well compare to Eunos coffee shop style, here can be considered to be higher class with much clean and better ambience more to a restaurant style.The frying is done inner kitchen so you do not see much or who is cooking it.
 The Hokkien Mee arrived not so pleasant looking as the Eunos one,but served on Opel leaf,top with prawns,cuttlefish with fried pork lard on the side.

Just a chop stick full of the Hokkien Mee and could already taste the difference from Eunos..The noodles had more wok hei, were blended very well with the stock all infused together a bit longer but was not soggy,just the right texture, giving it a full bodied,flavoursome Hokkien Mee.The stock here is much more robust which gave a richer and stronger taste.It was very good... just yummmy.
This can just eat la.

 The Chilly was has good as Eunos but was served separately.Some how the price here starts from $4.00 cheaper than Eunos.I had $5.00 for the Opel leaf.
Joo Chiat.. Kim's Hokkien Mee is there comparable with the best there is.

Kim's Place Seafood Restaurant
37 Joo Chiat Place

Kim's Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
62B Jalan Eunos

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