26 Mar 2010


  Loh Mei once a very common street food some decades back,is a fast disappearing dish now.Using some special fermented bean curd for their soup which adds a very unique taste, flavour and an interesting colour of red. I have eaten this elsewhere,The last one was some 17 years or more in Marina Square which disappeared as soon as it opened.
Have eaten here before too,they had more stuffs then.You select what you want then.Now the add ons are reduce. (gone are my favourite intestines).And they seem to sell at a fixed price $4.00,$5.00,$6.00.

The last time I had, years back, the broth was quite thick and had alot oomph in it, it had a very strong taste.But now it looked quite diluted,it was diluted,lesser punch in it and a very mild taste.
They had pork skin,cured cuttlefish,pork belly,mid chicken wing all one single piece,one tau pok,half a piece of mushroom,2 pcs dry bean curb and  few veges.$4.50 with rice

It has an unique taste,it not something which will blow you out,some might find the taste rather unusual .This is  certainly an acquired taste.Though it is a bit watery,I still like it, maybe it is because, I just can't find this LOH MEI elsewhere.I will still go went feel like having one.
Maybe in times to come, it would not be around,so for now... just eat la.

Loh Mei Specialist
Blk 32 New Market Road
People’s Park Food Centre

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