22 Mar 2010


Along North Bridge Road opposite Sultan Mosque stands 2 restaurants.You can see vehicles stopping ,the wait staff runs in, comes back  passes to them a package or two and collect the money from them.The vehicles moves away.So what is happening?...Not worry this not some illegal stuff being changed hands.

 Would you believe they were just buying the main attraction from these places.Yes,these two restaurants seems to attract quite a number of people, who just come here mainly for their Murtabak.Though they sell other stuff Murtabak is their best sellers here.I have eaten quite a number of murtabak at other places.Usually I have takeaways and even here I have had takeaways before.Believe me you not doing justice to murtabak by having takeaways.


Zam Zam is said have a history of over 100 years and still going strong.Gave my orders mutton murtabak, took my seat at ground floor,quite stuffy.There are aircon seatings upstairs.Though they have piles of cooked murtabak ready.Which are reserved for a quick takeaways.They made  fresh murtabak upon order for dine in.
The Murtabak arrived,it was big,though it was, folded into half,it was covering the whole plate,was served with a curry and cucumbers  topped with tomato ketchup.It was slightly chopped into,so you can easily cut into for bite size.With chokeful of minced mutton and onion inside,was a bit crispy on the outside, could have been more crispier maybe, if  had been grilled a bit longer.
It was good, tasty went very well with the curry and cucumbers.I usually prefer to have it the cucumbers.
For the price of $4.00 is really worth it.

Just  situated beside next door to Zam Zam is New Victory Restaurant which ironically has a 100 years history behind them too.Who are very popular for their Murtabaks too
New Victory interior looks almost like mirror of Zam Zam.They too have plies of cooked murtabak ready for take aways.They too cook fresh murtabak upon order for dine in too.
 The Murtabak was served the same way, with a curry and cucumbers topped with ketchup.Was chopped in,for easy bite.Filled with minced mutton and onion but a bit less than Zam Zam.But this was more crispier (grilled a bit longer)and had more crunch in the bite and tasty.Was more than worth my $4.00
 I ordered a big murtabak the man looked at me and asked one person only.Yes! one man eating machine that's me.The murtabak was huge almost twice the size of the smaller one.Filled with minced mutton,onions,topped with minced mutton.It was a scary sight
 This was really filled and topped with so much mutton,in fact maybe way too much for some.I could not even feel the dough, all the felt was the meat through out this meal.But I did liked it.At least now if I feel like having alot of minced  mutton in my murtabak I know where to go. It was worth my $6.00
 Was recommended Chicken Murtabak by a customer who said it was power.Though I am not so game about Chicken Murtabak I just had try one to see if it was any different from other chicken murtabak I have had before.
It was the same style,where they use some gravy chicken and stuff inside.The filling only filled the centre part of the murtabak and the other portion, were quite empty, but that's the part I liked the most, it was crispy and nice.The chicken portion was quite little, but the gravy made  it quite soggy like other places but was tasty enough but still did not work for me.$5.00
Both Zam Zam and New Victory  are really  good in their own ways.Their Murtabaks are quite cheap and big compare to most of the other places I have had.Taste wise it was more than reasonable for the price.

But try to eat in,takeaways just add steam to the murtabak and moist it, does not justify the taste.

Zam Zam  Restaurant 697 
North Bridge Road  

New Victory Restaurant
701 North Bridge Road


  1. Wow! Only $4??! That's a great price! In Tampines the murtabak is very blah, very small and it costs $5! Been here my whole life and I've never eaten at Zam Zam. Must change that soon. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yes,the $4.00 one is bigger than a $6.00 one at my place too. New Victory is worth a try too.