4 Mar 2010

Xin Heng Kee Chicken Rice

I have eaten here a couple of times before usually single portion$3.00(above) up to 3 people sharing the chicken with other stuff add on. So just imagine when I got a shock of my life when I order  half a chicken with add on.

 This is not a usual size chicken I have eaten anywhere,it  was big, so big when  my plate of half a chicken was quite heavy. I thought it was duck which was served.I have never come across such a big half portion chicken before,the sight of it was so filling itself.Mind you I can finish off half a chicken easily on my own at all the stalls I have eaten.
 The chicken was lightly drizzled with sauce,was juicy, tender slightly crispy very tasty.Comparable to some of the  top chicken rice stalls around.
 Without knowing how big the chicken would be, already order char siew,sio bak and eggs.Now we are in trouble.This was a another huge portion for 2 people.The char siew,sio bak and eggs were of very reasonable standard not outstanding but still very good enough.
  The rice was flavoursome,fluffy,good texture and very nice.
My friend who is a big eater himself  gave up before even 3/4 of way.Maybe we could have finished easily,if only we knew the size of the  portion before hand.(Both of us have eaten here  number of times but not half a chicken)A very over filling tasty chicken rice. Total $16.00.(half Chicken,liver,gizzards,Sio Bak,Char Siew and 2 hard boiled Eggs)

Xin Heng Kee Chicken & Duck Rice
#01-14 Pek Kio Food Centre.

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