5 Apr 2010


Was around Ikea with pal when told me there is very good wanton noodles around the corner.So we headed to Stirling Road which was not just a bit off about 15 minutes walk.
  We arrived at a  lazy looking coffee shop.Ordered the wanton mee The wanton stall was manned by a old lady and old man,was told the waiting will be long.It did not look very crowded.

 The wanton mee arrived around 25 minutes.The noodles were looking quite starchy and clumping together topped with char siew and veges,along with wanton with soup.
 Though it looked quite starchy it was not soggy but was not QQ either the sauce was simple did not do anything much for the noodle without the chilly sauce(on my first visit).With the chilly sauce it tasted quite good.(second visit)
The char siew,yes, a specail mention for it,it was simply great,more than decent for a wanton mee.It was really quite good when compare with other well known wanton mee stalls it was more comparable with some of the very good roasted pork stalls.Heard they grilled the char siew themselves.
 The wantons on my first visit blew me away, it was so very good,very tasty, juices flowed,bursting with flavour,when bite into it.On my second visit the wantons were dry and meat was almost not in there.
For me in a wanton noodles, it's mainly about the noodles and wantons,char siew is secondary to me.
The noodles here are certainly done quite different, from most of the stalls I have tried.My pal loves it.For me,I am still figuring it out.But I don't mind having another around if I am there.

Blk 164 Mei Ling St #01-1200
Meng Hup Eating House
Closed on Wednesday.


  1. My fav wanton mee stall.

  2. Well,my pal also goes crazy over this stall.

  3. The hae bi chili sauce & noodle blended very well, think i cannot anything like that in Singapore. BTW i really like yr blog, me always check for update every day. ;)

  4. It was first time I had a noodles done this way in a wanton noodles and yes, it did tasted much better with the chilly but I prefer more QQ in my wanton noodles.
    And Sen,thanks for following my blog.