11 Apr 2010


 I have eaten at this stall for some 17 years.Back then we just ask by prawn mee.At that time I was quite a regular for years,going there very often maybe around very other week.Then they were doing very well but not so popular.Back then their chilly was some thing do die for,with load full of ingredients(they had very decent numbers prawns in it) and very decent soup it was simply unbeatable.It's been sometime I had my last chilly mee here..

Well I had kway teow mee it was covered with ingredients, unlike any other usual  prawn mee stalls,here you have soft pork ribs,eggs slices,fish cake,tau pok,some lettuce,tawkay and of course prawns.No, surprising I just had a single prawn in it.
Not a big one,a small medium size.Even 2 years back,I had about 3 to 4 prawns. Maybe that's why they call it Chilly Mee not prawn mee,cannot complain it's not prawn mee anymore.
 The chilly is not as before,tone down a lot,but still having some touches of  the old taste as before but alot milder.There used to be a lot of oomph in the chilly,that instantly tingled the taste bud.Most of the stuff in it are factory made nothing fancy but the pork ribs are soft and tender quite good.
The soup is not strong,decent enough with prawn and pork stock adding some flavour to it.
Over all, taste wise is still very decent but certainly old timers who have patronize this stall would have notice the big different in the taste.
I do not mind having it, if I am around there.It is still one of it's kind around. $3.00

Chung Cheng Chilly Mee
Golden Mile Food Centre

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