27 Apr 2010

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice

Is it turkey...or chicken?
We(my sis and my niece) were at Katong Shopping Centre doing some shopping,could see alot of makan stall along the basement area.We took walk along the  basement where we came to a food centre,nearly every table you can see chicken rice and plate full of vegefruit salad which turn out to be achar.

Looking at amount each people having it should be good $2.00 or $3.00.But to my surprise  this was free...help yourself and crazy still, free flow you can refill and eat as much as you can.Lightly seasoned with vinegar,salt and sugar,was surely too good.It was more of a salad than achar,more of a reason for second helping...yumm!! 
 I order half a white steam chicken with innards,egg and chicken feet.My goodness.... served in big huge plate, the chicken was looking, like half a turkey.The chicken was so big, the biggest, huge portion ever for half a chicken.This half  is more than a whole chicken at most places I have eaten.
The white steam(or boiled) chicken was cut into thick slabs and quite a big slabs indeed.The chicken was soft ,smooth, tender,juicy and very tasty certainly above average.The sauce was quite salty,but it did blend very  well,as long you don't drink it, or pour big amount.
The rice was quite yellowish in colour,big serving.It was quite average but went very well the chicken.
 The innards...this was a big surprise,it been such a long time,I had this so very good liver, it was soft almost melting,tasting very fresh.I have lost words to describe it.... very nice,very good...I just want more!!Yummy..
 The gizzards was crunchy and fresh tasting,not like the rubbery one you find nowadays.This had bites and taste,was very nice.My sis and niece would always just take a single piece most of the time,at other places,were at it and we finished the  innards before anything else.One of the best innards I have ever had  in 2 decades.
 The soup,this is another crazy thin, they are doing,the soup was served in a big bowl with full of cabbage.No...chunks of thick super soft delicious cabbage and some chicken's bony parts.(might have some carrot at times)
The flavour was awesome.Certainly was boiled for hours for sweetness and softness.the stock was very strong with chicken and cabbage infused into the soup.So far the best soup ever,served in chicken rice stall.
They have peanut lotus soup too.It is free too, served in big bowl too,my bowl had had a lotus root,a single pork bone,chicken feet and a lot of peanuts in it.This was also awesome.They sure have taken, a lot of time,to prepare their soups,to a very high standard for a chicken rice and for free....???
 The chicken feet...big part of whole feet still intact and big portion served.I saw the guy just took a handful chopped twice or thrice.It was crunchy the sauce was very nice the whole thing was just too good.
Had 3 rounds of  salad.Both the soups licked off the last drop.We had a very difficult time finishing the half chicken.
Usually every other place we visit, we would have half chicken,char siew,sio bak.eggs and feets and we can finish off with ease.Half a chicken was $15.00.. Sorry! forgot the prices of add ons.
 Roasted chicken...still had a sight crunch,was very tasty on it own (just beware of the salty sauce)big cuts, big portion for the price,it did not disappoint me,above average.Very tasty, single portion with rice.$4.00
White steam chicken for single portion.Big cuts big serving for the price.$4.00
Single person serving Sio bak with Roasted chicken,again serving is big.$5.50,Sio bak was quite good not bad at all.
All the single portion also comes with free flow of salad and big bowl of super delicious soup.
The cheapest portion is $4.00.Pricey no way with such big serving of chickens and others,with the best soup in a chicken rice and free flow of salad(achar).I have already visited 4 times in month and making plans to go again.
Oh!.. by way the some of the chicken parts still have bones intact.

Katong Gourmet Centre
Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice
Katong Shopping Centre
865 Mountbatten Road,

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