15 Apr 2010


 While waiting for the wanton mee to be served.My pal bought some epok epok from a Malay stall in the same coffee shop.

Looking like beautifully crafted mold,was still hot,the outer side was thin,crispy, nice.The fillings of potatoes were slightly mashy with a slice of hard boiled egg,with the right amount of seasoning and flavour, was not spicy,with a reasonable amount of filling, every bite was bursting with flavour and just mellowing in the mouth,just plain heavenly...$0.50 cents
 I went twice both times manage to get only potatoes,asked the lady about sardine epok epok,they only have it in the morning.So on this day I manage to go in morning, just to see if the sardine epok epok was good as the potato epok epok.
 The first look at  the morning epok epok for both potatoes and sardine, did not look the same, from what I had the other day.Looking much smaller in size,the dough for both the epok epok was not as crispy and tasty as the other day and a bit more oily.Nothing like what I had before.
 The fillings were okay, quite normal.The potatoes were completely of a  different taste from before,abit more spicier and drier taste.And no eggs in it.
 The sardine was okay, quite normal too. The morning epok epok  both $0.40 cents each.
I asked the lady, why this potato epok epok did not have any egg in it.Was told they only sell, that type in afternoon.So they are selling, a different version in morning and in afternoon.
The morning epok epok are okay not bad.
But the afternoon one's are a completely transformation, it is really something,it's worth a try.

Muslim Food Stall
Blk 164 Mei Ling St #01-1200
Meng Hup Eating House

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