24 Apr 2010

GLORY... OH GLORY...I have found....

Glory Kuehs and Popiah
Almost,everywhere from road side stalls,supermarket,food court,you can see and buy Nonya Kuehs.But good ones are so hard to find.I love some of this kuehs but only to end up with so much, disappointment most of the time,at the best I get some average ones.

 Just when I gave up, I found one, which just pleased my taste bud.They have some very decent good kuehs and some very good ones at it.

Yes,this place has  been satisfying  me of my crave for Nonya Kuehs over a year.They a bit larger in portion than what you get from some well know stalls.

With right amount of sweetness,texture,flavour most of the kuehs here are really very good.Just take the Red Bean, it has creamy texture almost like a ice cream minus the melting sensation of the  ice.Kueh Talam and Talam Hijau has this nice eggy teture taste on top,plus pandan flavour bottom just wanting to eat. Baked Tapioca had good texture,very good flavour..
 The Panggang Kueh,Kueh Kochi,Inti Pulut and etc... on the whole,  almost all the kuehs I have eaten here are so very good, above average by any standard. So far only one item fell short for my liking was dodol.The rest just eat la....

They are not overly sweet but just right for my liking.For sweet tooth you.may find it not sweet enough.$0.70 cents each(3pcs $2.00).Can just eat la.
Onde Onde was in a pack of 5 small pieces with shredded coconut topped with some bean maybe to absorb moisture.
A single bite thick gula melaka just flows freely with a small solid piece still in it.It was soft and nice but could have been softer if maybe if it was warm.
 Pumpkin cake sold in small pre pack in a block, with pumpkin and dried prawns,in all the bite you can taste soft chucks of sweet pumpkin and some slight dried prawns.
The texture was soft not a melt in your mouth texture,yet soft and tasty and was very good,can give any pumpkin cake a run for it's money,  very yummy.A very good value at $2.00 per block.

The yam cake not as soft as pumpkin cake but still good.The texture was okay not as soft as I would like it to be but still  was quite okay.
With chucks of yams,some dried prawns in every bite, it was quite good. I really can't complain much, not at this  price,not at this taste was good enough.$2.00 per block.
 How can I,not mention their popiah.I normally do not like the egg skin type for the popiah.But here it was exceptional.The skin was soft yet firm,and easily goes well with every bite.
The turnip still had a slight crunch, though it has been stewing(soaking)in the tasty stock in the steamer pot for sometime,the other ingredients gives some added punch to the eating experience. The chilly is very power, super hot, so if you cannot take spicy hot, tell them very little chilly like me.
The popiah may look pricey but the ingredients are full and they roll their popiah quite fat bigger than the most normal.$2.20 each.I will buy again.

Glory Catering
139 East Coast Road

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