31 May 2010

Wah Kee Big Prawn Mee

$10.00...prawn mee....dirt cheap  ???
a rundown on the prices.....
 This is a well known stall by many.And they have some incredible prawn sizes from small to big,on regular basis.

28 May 2010

Cherry Garden...Weekend Dim Sum Brunch

Buddy called early morning said, "wanna go for a buffet".Called another buddy, 3 of us met at bus stop.Saw bus no.857,got on it travel not knowing where to go,alighted at Esplanade.There we decided,on Cherry Garden...

Just stepping inside Oriental Singapore is spectacular.The beauty of the huge chandelier and view to the path of the hotel to Cherry Garden is a treat by itself.

The entrance of the Restaurant is a homely welcoming sight.Led by the wait staff as we were let by all the other wait staffs greeted us.The interior of  dark brown wood works and the glowing of red translucent lanterns hanging over takes you with great charms.

Sorry to brag too much on the charms of the place.Let me get back to the food now.

25 May 2010

Ah Chuan Fired Oyster Omelette

The worst my buddy had and best my buddy ever had....
 This all began when I and my buddy went to this food centre.My buddy pointed to me this Ah Chuan fried Oyster and said,this is so lousy don't bother trying.He was pointing at one of my favourite fried oyster stall.

23 May 2010

Heavens Indian Curry

It is so common seeing all races queuing for Pratas....But for APOM & THOSAI
 You'll be dumb struck,at who the people in queue are,for the lesser popular Indian breakfast item of,Apom and Thosai.

18 May 2010

Hot Chin Chow ???

Yes!Hot chin chow anyone....
It's very common to see hot bean curb and cold chin chow...but hot Chin Chow???
I was having nasi lemak with my buddy when I bought a chin chow for him to try.He put in mouth and said ""It's hot!".Yes,it a hot chin chow.He told,so far he has not come across a hot chin before.

15 May 2010

Katong Laksas' Run Down

328...49..Marine parade...Katong....
 Had this argue to have Katong Laksa,went there,but there were so many,which one to have since all are claiming to be Katong Laksa,So I just went,had a go at all the ones claiming to be Katong Laksa.

11 May 2010

Jiu Jiang Shao La

When we see long queues,people just joining them not knowing what they are queuing for.Kiasu Singaporean...Well the truth is I am also like them but mine kiasuism takes over,when I see queues at food stalls,looking at other people's food plate.I just can't wait to join them,not knowing whether it is good or not

8 May 2010


Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Specialty

The last time when I was at Stirling  Rd,I took a walk to  Mei Ling food centre where I notice long  queue at this stall I joined the queue only to be informed, it was sold out.
Made an afford to go early today.The queue certainly did not disappear, it was still there.What else can I do,just join the queue la.

2 May 2010

Korea Butter Cuttlefish.

                                                             This stall has closed

Interesting things they have nowadays,maybe they have had it for ages but for me it was new.When I saw this stall at People's Park making fresh shredded cuttlefish, right in front of eyes.Doing the process only upon your order.