25 May 2010

Ah Chuan Fired Oyster Omelette

The worst my buddy had and best my buddy ever had....
 This all began when I and my buddy went to this food centre.My buddy pointed to me this Ah Chuan fried Oyster and said,this is so lousy don't bother trying.He was pointing at one of my favourite fried oyster stall.

Well knowing my buddy who always likes to tell the stall how and what to do,even though he haven't try it before.And that's what he did at this stall,asking them to fry longer to extra crispy and then complaining it was charred,burned and lousy.
And this is what I did,told him take seat,he ordered a fish soup and I went over other side and ordered Ah Chuan's Fried Oyster,waited a while,collected my self and told him,I bought it from the coffee shop over there.(there is no other stall,selling fried oyster there)

He just had one bite and he went,"Wow! This is fantastic!" another mouth full "Wow!this must be best I ever had."with every mouth came a exclamation"It's crispy,"wow!" "the batter is so perfect,so tasty,so nice,""crispy still got,some soft texture inside"."This is wonderful man."The oyster is juicy,so fresh,nice man.This is the best man."
And he finished it even before,I could have a second bite.And insisted I show him stall.He ordered another bigger portion and we ate again.He brought his family 2 days later,just to have this fried oyster.
 I sometimes don't understand this,we travel all the way, to try some every well known stalls.And yet,even without trying for first time,without knowing  the magic of the stall,without knowing how good it is,on it's own version,some straight away tell them what to do and how to do, then complain it's lousy. Pls,let them do their style,try their version first,then if you think it needs,some adjustments,do it the next around if you ever come again.At least you will how good or bad the original version taste.
Mine I had the oyster fried,a bit longer and I love it this way at this stall.
Certainly one of the stall to beat.One of the best around.
Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Omelette
Blk 22 Toa Payoh Lor 7  Food Centre & Market
Closed on Tuesday

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