28 May 2010

Cherry Garden...Weekend Dim Sum Brunch

Buddy called early morning said, "wanna go for a buffet".Called another buddy, 3 of us met at bus stop.Saw bus no.857,got on it travel not knowing where to go,alighted at Esplanade.There we decided,on Cherry Garden...

Just stepping inside Oriental Singapore is spectacular.The beauty of the huge chandelier and view to the path of the hotel to Cherry Garden is a treat by itself.

The entrance of the Restaurant is a homely welcoming sight.Led by the wait staff as we were let by all the other wait staffs greeted us.The interior of  dark brown wood works and the glowing of red translucent lanterns hanging over takes you with great charms.

Sorry to brag too much on the charms of the place.Let me get back to the food now.

The tea and appetizer comes with the brunch without any cost.The tea had very strong flavour of jasmine.The appetizer of Braised peanut and tofu  was a gem of a start,for what was on the way to come.

The waitress explained the menu, nearly all the dim sum(about 20 items) and dessert(5 items) are free flow.But other dishes in the menu about 25 dishes are only one time order only.
The following are free flow:
Steam Shark's Fin Dumpling with Dried Scallops and Shrimps.The highlight of the this,is the thought of seeing and having shark's fin .It was soft, juicy,tasty enough.But I could mainly taste the crunchiness of the shrimps only.Very siok thoughts.
Netted Crispy Rice Turnover Stuffed with Prawns,Apples Sliced and Mango.Served hot,super crispy net,with a nice touch of sour(apple),sweetness (mango) and crunchiness(prawns).Simple with class.Awesome!

Steam Spinach and Prawn Dumpling with Enoki Mushroom.Had tad of spinach taste and mushroom with  fresh crunchy prawn.Juicy and good.

 Xiao Long Pau.Had a very tasty hot,savoury soup inside with a amazing soft thin skin,how it held the broth,is beyond me.Savoury  nice.
Steamed dumpling with shrimps and crab meat and water chestnut.Could taste the crab meat and chestnut,juices just flowed with a bite with fresh tasting crunch with very soft skin.Very nice.

Steam Pork Ribs with Mung Bean Noodles in Garlic Sauce.It was a nice touch,different from the usual  black bean.I really did enjoyed it.
 Pan Fried Gyoza with Spicy Eggplant,Minced Chicken,Tofu and Mushroom.Crispy skin,soft thin texture was very done with a different blend of taste.But I would have preferred with pork it just blends better.But very nice enough.
Steam Radish Cake Stuffed with Minced Pork and Dried Shrimps .They got my order wrong and brought this.What a beautiful mistake it was,the carrot cake was super soft,literary melts even before it touch my mouth,the minced pork and sauce just added to flavour and taste.Just superb!!
 Pan fried Beancurd Roll with Shrimps.This is always has been one of my favourite,it was crispy with a crunch,some other condiment  added in with the shrimps.Very nice loved it.
 Wok Fried Waxed Meat Radish Cake with Sliver Sprouts in XO Sauce.Slight crispiness,super soft texture.Was nice how he swayed the egg together with waxed meat and sprouts.Swaying with a taste.

Crystal Dumpling with Assorted  Fresh Mushroom and Asparagus.A simple item with veges?No way this turn out to be gem.With super soft translucent skin,a slight chewy taste melts fast with the inner stuff giving unbelievable taste.A gem of a taste.  
Steamed Chicken Claws with Spicy Bean Black Sauce.Lightly sauce was quite nice enough but could have been better.
 Steamed Mini Abalone Siew Mai with Pork Mushroom.The siew mai was okay,the Abalone was very chewy,didn't do anything for the siew mai.Okay la, have Abalone.

Poached Garlic Pork and Zucchini Dumpling in Spicy Sichuan  Sauce.The dumpling was soft and the nice but the sauce overly salty,can't taste anything much than salt.For those who like it with more salty taste.

The following are one order only:
The waitress served told us it was char siew.A bite and we all went,wow! This was fantastic,it was simply amazing how good it tasted,the texture and taste of the pork was beyond believe I was dumb struck how good this Char Siew pork tasted.Then we realise it was no ordinary pork.It was....
Honey Glazed Kurobuta Pork Char Siew.Superbly done,Amazingly tasty...Yummylicious.
 Crispy Fried Shredded Squid with Salt and Pepper.Was super crispy with crackling sound with every bite .Simple and nice.
Steamed Scallop with Silken Tofu in Black Bean Sauce.The Tofu was very silky smooth,soft but the sauce was a tad salty,couldn't taste the scallop much.Maybe with less salt next time.
 Sauteed Hong Kong Young Vegetables with Garlic.We didn't order this dish, we have not taken any veges so we just took  it,it was a mistake.Though we finished the dish,none of us found it to be nice enough.Way too average.
Wok Fried Kurobuta Pork with Garlic Leek and Honshimeij Mushroom in Chef Concoction.After having tried Kurobuta Char Siew our expectation were quite high.This turnout to be very disappointing.Very overly sweet and overly salty.How to taste anything else.
Crispy Eggplant Tossed with Chicken Floss.This was absolutely fabulous with super crispy crunch,so light with a disappearing melt in the mouth.Even the floss was crispy,tasty and nice.We clean of the plate super fast. 
Shrimp Salad with Wood Ear Mushroom,Cucumber and Ginger-Sesame Dressing.A simple looking dish,with simple ingredients.The taste of the ginger,sesame dressing with the main stuff,was simply divine, nearly knock me of my chair.A gem of a dish.The plate was cleaned off even,before I could have a second helping.Seriously would have order again(one order only,sob!)Absolute...Yummylicious!
 Kurobuta Pork Char Siew Egg Fried Rice with String Beans.With a beautiful wok wei,beautifully stir and mixed.very light,simple,nice .Beautiful taste.
 Imperial Hot and Sour Seafood Soup.Was done just right.Nice..

 Double Boiled Trio Mushroom Soup with Rice Beans,Black Eye Beans,Lotus Seeds,Logan,Carrot and Dates.This was another mixed up order served to us.But this was to good to be ignore,The broth was strong and tasty enough .All the condiment tasted very well with soup..A real deal.
Double Boiled Fish Broth with Pak Choy,Fish Maw and Tofu.Nice strong fish broth with light easy blend of ingredients.For light and simple soup, nice enough.

Desserts are free flow.... We had all the desserts...

 The dessert was simply a delight for the eyes,came with smoky atmosphere,surrounded with a vapour smoke, most likely cause by dry ice inside the holding bowl.It was treat even before tasting it.
Chilled Cream Of Mango with Sago Pearls,Pomelo and Lime Sorbet.Nice smooth,thick and creamy,right sweetness with sourness from the  lime sorbet,nice touch.Loved it.
 Cream of Avocado Served with Walnut Ice Cream. Creamy,right thickness,soothing.Nice.
 Double Boiled Red Black Honey DateTea with Papaya Pearls,Snow Mushrooms and Apricot Seeds.Very nicely done with the right sweetness.My buddy had full of praise for this .

 Watermelon Chutney with Aloe Vera,Crystal Pears and Refreshing Lemon Grass Jelly.Nice lemon grass flavour, in the jelly.The combination just gels perfectly.Love it ,couldn't order any again,already last orders.
 Traditional Royal Steamed Red Bean Sponge Cake.How much I have missed this.Been decades the last time I had this.Fond memories flashes back with every bite.One for the memories.Simply loved it.

There wasn't enough time(ate very little) was quite rushing.Would have had more,time was not on our side, left quite a number of  dishes out.Sob!..sob!!
The service was very attentive,fast and friendly.Obvious reason, there were only 4 other tables occupied.The 2 seating time is just not enough time for the buffet.Maybe the reason for so few tables occupied.
For the amenity and  price it was very good enough.
Worth another visit.$48.00++.per person.

Cherry Garden
5th level, The Mandarin Oriental
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square
11.00am -1.00p.m

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