23 May 2010

Heavens Indian Curry

It is so common seeing all races queuing for Pratas....But for APOM & THOSAI
 You'll be dumb struck,at who the people in queue are,for the lesser popular Indian breakfast item of,Apom and Thosai.
This must be only stall in Singapore where there about 95 per cent people in the queue are Chinese,queuing for a Indian breakfast dish of Apom and Thosai.
 Of Course you can,see some other races having,Apom and Thosai at some stalls here and there.But when you see what I saw at this stall with continuous queue of formed by non Indians for Apom and Thosai,even their children were having apom and thosai.It was nothing short of  amazing.
Apom(,looking like fly saucer from the older movies) is a pancake which has a soft, spongy gooey bubbly bum surface in the middle,with super crispy edges,was served with granted coconut and red sugar.Had slight sweetness in taste.Have a bite into the crispy edges and gooey bum,you'll just fall in love with this.You can just eat on it's own without any condiment,it's that good.Simply very heavenly.$1.80 set (2 pcs)
 Their thosai not,as big as those,you find at Tekka might be a right size for small eaters.The above are plain thosai was done very nicely,texture wasn't very thin,just right but still,quite crispy and had slightly spongy texture in the bite.$1.80 sets(2pcs.)
 The Masala Thosai...The same batter as the thosai with fillings.This is one of their best sellers,and this is one of the,best tasting filling in a masala thosai,I have ever had.With the slight spongy and crispiness outside the combination of mushy potato with slight traces of other veges filling(carrot&cabbage),just add to the bite,taste and flavour .It was simply awesome,just plain heavenly.$2.00 each.
 What makes their Apom and Thosai truly awesome,are their sambar dhal gravy,very well prepared with a inch of sourness,tasting so very good,probably the best tasting sambar in a thosai,I have had.Their chutneys especially the spicy chutney( had a touch of sweetness in it)was nothing short of excel,surely one of it's kind.They blended superbly with the apom  and thosai.This is why they are Heavens Indian Curry.Surely the one to beat.
They have other dishes like puttu mayam and puttu,but they are factory made.The vadais were mediocre .
The sliver plate they serve their items,are very shallow.Thus,didn't get enough of the gravies and asking for more,didn't work much either.
But still worth the trip,for those who like Apom and Thosai.

Ghim Moh Food Centre
Heaven Indian Curry
20 Ghim Moh Road


  1. Yup! This stall's Masala Thosai is one of my fav breakfast! I LOVE Indian food!

  2. Yes, it very good but for $2.00,the size seems a bit pricy.But nevertheless,it's very good.