8 May 2010


Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Specialty

The last time when I was at Stirling  Rd,I took a walk to  Mei Ling food centre where I notice long  queue at this stall I joined the queue only to be informed, it was sold out.
Made an afford to go early today.The queue certainly did not disappear, it was still there.What else can I do,just join the queue la.

After a anxious 20 minutes,the fruit of my wait a  plate of appetizingly  looking Ipoh style Hor Fun.
The thin kway teow was delightfully smooth and slippery, in a not overly thick,smooth,very reasonably tasting sauce.
I had the pork ribs with add on of chicken feet.The ribs were soft,very tender,not as juicy as I would like to have them, had quite a strong taste of spice.But still very reasonably tasty.
The chicken feet, Oh Yes! The Chicken Feet,were in another league all together.They were absolutely divine,soft,the skin almost falling out but yet firm enough,very tasty.Was stew in a different sauce with all the right mix of spice and sauce.The mushroom and vege added extra flavour to the taste.This one must try la.
Hor Fun with mushroom & ribs with add on of chicken  feet.$5.00.

Blk 159 Mei Ling Street
Mei  Ling Market & Food Centre

Shi  Hui Yuan
Hor Fun Specialty #02-33 
7.30 am - 2.00pm
Mon-Tues... closed

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