18 May 2010

Hot Chin Chow ???

Yes!Hot chin chow anyone....
It's very common to see hot bean curb and cold chin chow...but hot Chin Chow???
I was having nasi lemak with my buddy when I bought a chin chow for him to try.He put in mouth and said ""It's hot!".Yes,it a hot chin chow.He told,so far he has not come across a hot chin before.

And asked,how come I didn't blog about this,since I  have blog about cuttlefish,bubble tea.
Well it really didn't occur to me to post this.Since my buddy thinks it's very special and insist I should  post this and let the people decide,whether they would like to try.
 Well this is a very normal drink stall selling hot and cold soya bean and cold chin chow drink.They have hot bean curb and their special Hot Chin Chow.You will be able to have very hot chin chow in the early mornings,you get a warmer chin chow as the day passes by.They have one or two big stainless steel thermostat container of chin chow and by noon it is usually sold out.
  Taste wise I can't comment much,it tastes like chin chow but you get a warm feel as the chin chow flows through mouth.I have eaten this hot chin chow numerous time without knowing why I  like it,maybe it is novelty eating this,can't find this kind of Hot Chin Chow elsewhere.Maybe in a way,it does have a nice feel to it.$0.80 cents
So far this is the only place I know which have this Hot Chin Chow.Do you know any other places?
Can give try if you are at Pek Kio FC.
Min Hiang Drink Stall
 Blk 41A Cambridge Road
 Pek Kio Market and Food Centre

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