15 May 2010

Katong Laksas' Run Down

328...49..Marine parade...Katong....
 Had this argue to have Katong Laksa,went there,but there were so many,which one to have since all are claiming to be Katong Laksa,So I just went,had a go at all the ones claiming to be Katong Laksa.

328 Katong laksa.This place has 2 eating areas al fresco dining... don't get excited it just the sidewalk close to the drain and an aircon comfort with larger space.

 Well you do not have much choice on the noodles,it's only one choice and it's the thick bee hoon,cut to bite size,no chopsticks,you just have to scoop with the spoon.The portion served is quite little,with few sliced of fish cakes,3 pcs cockles and 2 pcs sliced prawn.

The gravy was one of it's kind,more to a peranakan lemak style,with added evaporated milk,it was not very thick just nice,but had a very rich taste,a kind of creamy, mellowness than went very well with the noodles.Did really love this.$3.50

328 Kantong Laksa
216 East Coast Road.

 49 Katong Laksa.The slight of being served in ceramic bowl was a delight by itself.The rest of the ingredients were quite the same with nearly the same portion as 328.

So,it comes to down to the gravy.The gravy is more to the laksa gravy which I am quite use to,nicely done,slightly thicker,taste of dried shrimps was quite strong,nice tasting was quite good,nice enough.$3.00

49 Katong Laksa
Hock Tong Hin Eating House
49 East Coast Road.

Marine Parade Laksa.With the sign stating "The Original Katong Laksa since 50s".How can I not give a try...

The ingredients are quite the same as the first two.The serving portion is small too,served in a ceramic bowl is plus.The gravy is light,thinner but nicely executed,can't really taste much of the dried shrimps but it's there,very tasty,can eat without feeling the heaviness of the gravy.Back... to time,more to yesteryear  taste,very nice.$3.00
 Marine Parade Katong Laksa
50 East Coast Road 
Roxy Square

Golden City Katong Laksa..This katong laksa is nowhere near East Coast or near Katong area.It is at Changi Road  at the junction of Telok Kurau.So why is this laksa here with the other Katong Laksa.Because this laksa stall claims to be one of the fore runners who started the Katong Laksa trend at the now famous location at Ceylon Road.

Well,I am not going  into the whole history.I will just go into the laksa.The same usual ingredients,very little of it,as same as others.The laksa portion is also small as others.
This laksa gravy here,tasted almost,as same as the Marine Parade Laksa at Roxzy Square.Almost identical,if I am going to nick pick,maybe I might say,it was a touch lighter but it did not comprise the taste in anyway.This tasted very old school,light,very easy kind of feel when eating it.Definitely yesteryear,sure to please older folks.I am very pleased $3.00

Golden City Katong Laksa
1 Telok Kurau Road

 Conclusion...All 3 laksa stalls, tasted like any other good laksa should taste..If  you are not a makan guru like me,who is not looking into finer details and nick picking.The only difference here are the gravies they were thicker or thinner.But they all had maintained a very good standard at it,and all were executed quite well,sure to please most of us.
The only laksa here,which had an entirely different and uniqueness in the taste,was... 328.
It stands out with a touch of difference.It can be an acquired taste.328 did not taste like any other good laksa,it was completely different from the other Katong Laksa and from other laksa's eslewhere.I really did enjoyed the unique taste,loved it ...will I go again...price and the portion... need think it over... again...


  1. great reviews! I love a good laksa and these sound delicious!

  2. Thanks Peggy.They all reasonably good and nice enjoy.