2 May 2010

Korea Butter Cuttlefish.

                                                             This stall has closed

Interesting things they have nowadays,maybe they have had it for ages but for me it was new.When I saw this stall at People's Park making fresh shredded cuttlefish, right in front of eyes.Doing the process only upon your order.

Upon your order they grilled by pressing hard against the top to bottom of the electric grill.
After the short grill ,he proceed to shred.
He goes through the food shredded  few times.

Increasing it's volume by 3 times.

 The final product .It still had a fresh taste not the dried types.I am not sure if it's acquired taste but I did enjoy it.It was different from the normal shredded ones I have had before.
 I bought a another pack took it back home and heat in microwave for about 2 minutes it turn into very crispy with crackling bites.It was tasty,quite  nice and something different.$5.00

Peoples Park Complex
Food Kiosk
Korean Butter Cuttlefish

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  1. is it a dried squid before they put it on the griller or a fresh marinated squid?