31 May 2010

Wah Kee Big Prawn Mee

$10.00...prawn mee....dirt cheap  ???
a rundown on the prices.....
 This is a well known stall by many.And they have some incredible prawn sizes from small to big,on regular basis.

And they have some special,huge king size huge prawns, which cost over $20.00 to $30.00,you need to order this in advance.I wanted to give my advance order for the $20.00 prawns,but......

The noodles were served with lot of lards,some veges,crispy fried shallots. 
 The noodles were  lightly sauced with chilly with some seasoning,pleasantly nice,blended very well with the noodles.It was certainly tasty enough.
 The reason,we all come here for, the prawns.Yes!this is the $10.00 portion.You get three big size,no,..not big but king size prawn.
 They were big,they were huge,nearly covering the whole stainless steel serving wok. I know they were not life ones, but they were so very fresh,very crunchy,very tasty.Juices just flowed with every crunchy bite.This were just superb.These prawns don't taste anything, like the one in our supermarket or wet market.This were really tasting very fabulous.The prawns were blanched at unbelievable perfect timing.I asked,the stall owner about the prawns,he told me,these were Angka Sea-Prawns.Specially supply to him.And not from the farms.
 This is what makes and this what everyone raves about.Yes,the soup tasting like, nothing you have ever tasted in a prawn mee, it is so unique.Entirely nothing to do,what so ever related to prawn mee soup.But it is certainly one of  best tasting soup,you ever gonna taste in a prawn mee.And with the King size prawns in it  Wow! tasted too good to be true out of this world .Yummylicious!!$10.00

Now a rundown on the other prices:


This is the $3.00 portion,though the same noodles,there were no pork lard.The prawns were half sliced, tasted like it was dead.The soup was served in a small bowl,was good though but not as good as the above.

The $5.00 portion slightly bigger than the $3.00 ones.There were 4 medium size prawns,2 were halve in the middle,2 were whole without any cuts.It was quite fresh was okay,with the soup it tasted better.But I was told they only give 3 prawns in all their portion.My lucky day.Certainly beat the $3.00 portion.

The $8.00 portion.Much bigger than the $5.00.The sweetness of the prawn was really very shiok,the meat was very crunchy,very tasty and soup tasted better than the latter.Certainly worth the $8.00.

Now for the big surprise,the cheapest and the best of all the prawn portion,and the great super value is the... $10.00 portion.Yes you heard me correctly.
These prawns would have cost more than $10.00 for a single one,at Newton FC maybe much more..It would have cost over $10 raw for these 3 prawns in the supermarkets or wet markets but they hardly have this size. No,they don't have these this size of prawns for sale nowadays.

 What I got  for this $10.00 were, Fresh Tasting King Size Angka Prawns much bigger than what some supermarkets states as king size.You are not going find these size prawns any cheaper,than here .
The $10.00 portion...they were dirt cheap,super best value.There is no competition,for this portion from any others. Worth much,much more than what you are paying for..(And Oh!they give a free tissue pack for $10.00.)
Just to summed up the other prices arrange.$8.00 very good value..$5.00 okay can do...$3.00 not my pick..
I wanted to give an advance order for the $20.00 portion.But was told the FC will be closing for renovation for 1 month from 1st June 2010 .

Wah Kee Big Prawn Prawn Noodles
Pek Kio Market and Food Centre
Blk 41A Cambridge Road


  1. That's my fav prawn mee stall also. Nothing comes close.

  2. Yes,nothing comes close to soup and the big prawns.Another my fav is
    River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles
    31 Tai Thong Crescent .
    The soup has very strong flavour of pork & prawn infused together.And prawns for the are very good too.The seasoning for noodle is simple but very good.