15 Jun 2010

Ali Nachia Special Briyani Dam

 Yes!It's Very Special....
                                   This stall at this location is closed.
                                     For their new location pls click 

It's been announced the railway station would be moving to Woodlands in near future.
So will the food stalls be moving with them.I asked one of my favourite stall there about this.They have not been notify about any thing so far.But they all know their future here at the railway station is numbered
So I had to have one of my favourite Dum Briyani before it disappears.

They do dum their briyani,but they dum it differently.Here they have placed all the partially cooked mutton in bottom of the big cooking pot or container,with the whole lot of  rice added on top.Then seal the pot,then they cook in a very low fire,slowly giving it a baking kind of effect.Thus infusing the fragrance of the meat,spices into the rice.Then they separate and put the cooked rice in hot thermostat container, to keep it hot.
 The rice is high grade quality, you can see the extra long grain.The rice was light,fluffy and very flavoursome,fragrance was not very heavy did not overwhelm the flavour, just right,just nice...very nice.
Here we see the mutton which was baked with the rice.
 I used the fork without any afford,the mutton just splits apart.Bite into meat the aroma,the softness,the tenderness of the mutton takes over you with unbelievable taste.Yes,the meat is very deliciously,tasty.Eating with the rice it just blends superbly well together.A mouthwatering moments just began...

They gave 2 Achars as condiment, pickled cucumber and yogurt cucumber, both were very decent enough.The dalcha was bit of a let down.But for me it's okay,I usually don't add dalcha to my briyani.I always ask for extra gravy from the cooked mutton  to be added to the rice went served.(that's the only way to eat the briyani for me)
This is certainly amount the top Briyanis around.A Briyani no Briyani lover should miss.

Ali Nachia Special Briyani Dam
The Railway Station
Tanjong Pagar
30 Keppel Road
10.30-2.30 p.m

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