9 Jun 2010

Fancy Delight

So What's so Fancy About Fancy Delight.....
Kueh Pai Tee Looking Like Egg Tarts .

No,these are egg tarts looking like Kueh pai tee,maybe they are using kueh pai tee mould (hee..hee).I have commonly seen and eaten the portuguese egg tarts and other egg tarts.But here,what catches the eye,is the Kueh Pai Tee shape.The tarts have a crumby pastry crust holding the eggy fillings.
They have about 16 flavours.
There is no dine in only take away.Packed neatly in cute little box I bought 4 flavours to try out.
Banana flavour.Just a small tiny slice of banana on top,with inch of banana taste and flavour.With a egg custard filled to the  bottom,had very strong eggy taste.
 Durian flavour.Little durian on top,just giving enough flavour to the egg tarts with full egg custard filling.
The Egg Tart Original...Full filled with strong egg custard filling.

Mushroom Chicken...Filled with some minced chicken,maybe mushroom(couldn't taste it) and veges,made the  taste different from the other 3 tarts .Tasted more like custard quiche.

Of the 4 tarts I had,the first 3,were not far away from each other in taste.They had full filled egg custard and strong eggy taste.With the crumby pastry crust,it does fill the tummy very fast.The mushroom chicken was welcome change of taste.This are for the egg tarts lovers.$1.40 each 

Fancy Delight
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road

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