23 Jun 2010


The Super Feather Light Vadais...

 I  have patronize this stall,when they were at Simpang Bedok The Marketplace some years back .I was impressed then but I can't quite remember how good it was
I had this urge to have their vadais.But they were no more at their former place.

They tried to open few outlets but it didn't work out.They changed their location a few times,now they have settled in a coffee shop along East Coast Road.It's being sometime,I had to try just to see what I missed, ordered few vadais.
  The Prawn Vadai ..A small dough with super small prawn,no it's small shrimp.Fried to perfection.It was not oily,I didn't see or feel any oil on my hands.And you know something,you don't even feel the vadai,it was so light,it's was particularly weightless.
A bite...now I know what I missed,this is soo good,one of the  best,tastiest prawn vadai,I ever had and the smallest. Just 2 bites,it was gone.But the light sensation was still there and the taste still lingers.A urge to have another one more.0.80 cents.
 Vegeatable Vadai.It's the same dough as the prawn vadai but there are no prawns,only some veges in it.I really can't say what veges were in it.Only some bits and bites I felt,has I had my bites.But it's almost the same taste.$0.80 cents.
 Ikan Bilis and Peanuts.I naturally love ikan bilis and peanut on it's own.So with,on a vadai,need I said anything I loved it (same dough).$1.20.
 Big Vadai.This is the most pricy one.Well it's not really that big,just enough dough,to hold 8 pieces of small shrimps.For the price,once is enough for me.This are for shrimps lovers.$2.50

These are really super good vadais.But value wise....it's just too small,even it's prawns are very small,it's almost disappears with just 2 bites.I really can't fault the vadai but the price and the size,have to think twice about another trip.Maybe if I am around there.....
They have a few other flavours too like crab,tofu,cheese and etc..


 Gina's Vadai
237 East Coast Road

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