5 Jun 2010

Lau Hong Ser Rojak

Probably The Best There Is....

To travel all the way  from Yishun to Duman Food Centre.Just to have a simple plate of rojak,how stupid can you be,asked my buddy.Of course I have some other favourties at Old Airport Road and few other places.So when the urge comes to have this Lau Hong Ser Rojak there is no stopping me. 

 What makes it worst, they start their business only in the evening.And with a minimum waiting time of more than half an hour it makes,no sense.And in one occasion I have waited an 1hour 45 mins.Yes,it's so ridiculous to wait so long. I have told myself,I won't come back again.
 But here I am again,with my buddy who just want to see,what's so good about this,why a stupid fool like me,would travel  all the way to have a simple dish of rojak.
 I was here early about 5.30p.m.Placed my order of 2 small plate of rojak with cuttlefish.(I not ordering one big plate to share with my buddy knowing how fast he can eat).Was told in politely,waiting would be around 35 minutes.Of course,I'll wait but buddy was a bit grumpy and uneasy.I didn't come all the way to turn back by the waiting time.
He painstakingly grills the every Tau Pok,You Char Kway,cuts the every veges and fruits,order by order.And stir the stuff order by order only.After 45 minutes,we got our golden plate of rojak.
All the veges and fruits were as fresh as could be.The Tau Pok and You Char Kway very perfectly grilled for taste and crispiness.

This is actually first time I am having it with cuttlefish here.The cuttlefish here is not the same as other place I have had.It was different,the taste was unlike other place,it had a taste of it's own.Very nicely grilled,super crispy,yet had a lot of bite,very light,very nice,blended,so very well with all the other stuffs.

The whole rojak is about the sauce(hae ko).Like other top rojaks stalls.He buys his hae ko,specially from a supplier in Penang. And this sauce is absolutely divine.Stirred  with perfect timing,super balance of sweet and sourness,not overly thick.With perfect blend of the sauce mixed with all the stuffs,a out of this world taste,with every bite divine....
You have an absolutely super fabulous yummylicious rojak.
Small portion $2.00 with cuttlefish $3.50.

Yes,the waiting time can be a turn off,but like any top places with any top dishes the waiting gets longer.
The portion is quite small but you are tasting one the best,may the best there is.
And buddy is always asking,went we going to, go again...

Lau Hong Ser Rojak
Duman Road Food Centre
271 Onan road.

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