2 Jun 2010

Nando's SIngapore

 The Return of Nando's
South Africa,Portuguese Flame Grilled Peri Peri Chicken...
 Nando's had a brief existence here before at Park Mall .I did not have a chance to try then.

Heard about Nando's so many times by foodies in forums,even before they had any plans to launched again here. Now they here,there will surely be many happy foodies,who were longing for their return.
 Nando's is about, Peri Peri chicken?Well Peri Peri is the name of the chilly just like we have chilly padi,the Mexican have their jalapenos chilly and so on...
They opened their outlet here,just less a than month ago.I went there twice.
My first visit,in the evening...The queue was constantly forming outside.The place was packed,tables were rearranged, too close for comfort and the waitress was squeezing between tables at same time caressing the diners each time she passed by.  And the waiting time looked,like forever.
The waitress even asked "would I like be served straight away".Yes! I answered.
 After a wait of more than 35 minutes I got my drink of latte.I am not saying anything about the drink.I won't order this again.$4.90++
Another 15 minutes later I got my meal.This is suppose to be served straight away?? Just imagine if I had said,later.
 There are 3 levels hot Peri Peri chicken mild,hot,extra hot.Not knowing how hot this Peri Peri would be,I order the hot level.The 1/4 chicken looked big enough.With the fear of some burning sensation,that's gonna take over me,I had my bite.
Phee!..ha!..ha!..ha!My goodness,if you looking for some fiery works...you'll be disappointed.It just ticks.But the sauce was nice,with slight tangy sourness,with some spices,tasted quite okay.But it did not,wow,me The grilled chicken was okay, but was quite dry but the sauce came to the rescue.And it did help out the chicken in this aspect.

 The 2 side dish portion of fries and coleslaw  were too  little even for a child.The fries were crispy and nice,the coleslaw was quite average.The chicken set was $13.90++
Waiting for my change,took another 25 minutes to come.They really need to work on the service.

 Sauces to add on,is on all the tables,taste almost the same as on grilled chicken..

My second visit... Was there for lunch,went there early,few tables were occupied within another 15 minutes there was long queue outside.I got a inner table,this was more comfortable.
My all orders came within 15 minutes.
Had a starter peri hummus & novo pita.The hummus was quite cold,the pita was small.It tasted okay nothing exciting.$5.55++
 Coke $2.90++
My chicken arrived but they got my order,of leg portion wrong and was replaced within 3 minutes.

Had the meal set with leg portion,asked for the maximum hot level,which was extra hot level.Sorry no fiery punch in it either,just very light heat for the moment.Maybe it could be,I have had much hotter Indian curries,sambal belachan and others, than this level.
Well,the leg was slightly better than the wing portion,but still a on the  dry side and again the sauces came to rescue again.Nice enough.

 The 2 side dishes were more smaller than before, the Mediterranean  Rice tasted more to a butter rice with 2 peas and a single carrot piece.The Grilled Veges.did not have any  grilled tasted in it, but was still nice enough to eat.This veges can be eaten raw easily too.The meal set $13.90 ++
 Had a takeaway single piece with mild level.$9.90++

I might have expected some kind of out of this world taste,so it my fault for expecting something very high.If I had gone there without any expectation this might have turn out to be  good.
The service is non existing yet they charge 10%..The wait staff all looked very inexperience.Their rearranging of tables,just to add ,more people to seat was, very uncomfortable.
Well let's be fair.They are all quite new,let's give them some time to settle down first.Maybe another 2 to 3 months later.

Bugis Juction
200 Victoria Street

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