19 Jun 2010

Tian Wai Tian Veerasamy Road

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat

After a window shopping around Mustafa, me and buddy started to look for lunch.An usual excuse to try out a the place we saw the day before.They have more popular well known stalls near Opal Crescent and Ang Mo kio.Here they are in a coffee shop and we get a coffee shop environment .

Braised Sea Cucumber with Pig Trotter.This was first dish to be served.
I was expecting big chucks of trotter and sea cucumber,but they were cut to more to a bite size with yam,mushrooms,leek adding flavour and taste.Looked very messy but was very well braised with the stuff.Very nice.Small portion but the serving was very big $8.00
Red Groupa Fish Head Steamboat.Served in old traditional steamboat with burning char coal inside,to keep the soup hot.With alot of veges,yams,dried salted fish and of course fish head.
The broth was very strong,heavy with flavour,Absolute divine,fabulous tasty soup stock,just plain wonderful in taste.All the added ingredients were just superb adding awesome taste the soup.
But fish which was fried before adding to soup was not fresh enough.
The main attraction and main seller has to be the  fish head steamboat. So I was expecting fresh tasting fish in it.I was certainly a bit disappointment.But the broth and other ingredients in it were certainly heavenly.$20.00

Sambal Kangkong.I was suppose to order with cuttlefish but I just told sambal kangkong.Well you get what you order.The kangkong was cruchy very well blended with the tasty sambal sauce.It was very tasty.A small portion but the serving was very big,easily can be eaten by 4 people.$6.00
Prawn Roll.It was nice,was okay.The filling was good but it did not have the crispiness which normally I get in a prawn roll.But tasty enough.$7.00
 Oyster Omelette .The Omelette was a big let down.It was not fluffy,not crispy it was just plain flat Omelette.
But the Oyster were big,plumy,juicy and very fresh.Very lightly fried to maintain the rawness and the juices.$7.00
 Vegetables with Mixed Seafood.Stir fried perfectly with cauliflower,broccoli,mushrooms,kai lan and some green leafy veges,were very  crunchy still holding all their flavours.With prawns,cuttlefish,sliced fish and pork adding flavour and taste,to the heavenly sauce.Simply heavenly.$7.00
Fried Baby Squid.It was fried to crispiness,crunchy with very bite,lightly stir with a sweet sour sauce.Very nice.$8.00
 Fried Pork with Spring & Onion.When ordered this I thought I was ordering some fried pork but it turn out to be stir fried Pork.But surprising this turn out to be very good.The sauce and the pork with spring onion and onion just blended perfectly.$8.00
Prawn Paste Chicken.Very well executed,very crispy,light,flavoursome,very nice.$8.00

 Yong Chow Fried Rice.The fried rice was good,nice wok wei but I just don't understand why they or other stalls too,want add vegetarian char siew to a non vegetarian fried rice,it's doesn't give the same taste or flavour to the fried rice.$3.00
Fried  Kway Tiao.Wok wei was good,fried nicely was quite good.$4.00

 Spicy Sweet &Sour Soup with Seafood &Sea Cucumber.Well this was a big disappointment,all I could taste  was a strong taste of curry powder.After a scoop or two we didn't touch it.$5.00

Seafood Hor Fun.Very good wok wei,very fresh ingredients,the sauce was smooth,soft,light very tasty.very nice$3.00
Sambal Kangkong with Cuttlefish.Buddy was still mumblering about me not ordering the kangkong with cuttlefish.So to satisfy buddy I order this.
 This brighten our eyes,the amount and the size of cuttlefish on top of the kangkong was just astonishing.There were very big cuts of cuttlefish,very large quality of it. Miles better than the sambal kangkong.This was just amazing,no regrets and I thanked buddy for pestering.Simply superb.$7.00
 Seafood  Soup.The steamboat dissolved very fast from burning char coal and our drinking.Buddy wanted another soup.I am not ordering another steamboat.So we had simple seafood soup.
With alot of ingredients and a tasty soup base,not as superb as steamboat soup base but still very good enough.$4.00

There were 1 or 2 misses.But overall almost all the dishes were above average.And more than satisfy with the taste and flavour of the dishes.
I must mention this.This is a stall where all my small portion orders were equal to a medium and a big portion serving to most of the other cze cha stalls I have ever patronize .
Certainly will be going back again.

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat
Yi He Eating House
Blk 638 Veerasamy Road.
11.00a.m -2.00p.m-6.00-11.00p.m

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