27 Jul 2010

Amirah's Grill Buffet

A Simple..Middle East...Buffet

Was just walking around,looking for a place for lunch. I came across this place around Arab Street,with signage showing $9.90+ for lunch buffet.Went in to check out....

Simple decor,nice ambience nothing fancy.They have a better space upstairs which was not open during lunch hours.

I have visited 2 times after my first visit.The main dishes were done the same style,both the times.There were chicken,fish,beef,veges and 2 types of rice,fragrance  rice and white rice and 2 types of soup,chicken soup and vegetable soup.All the dishes were just named as fish,chicken...not naming what way,the cooking is done.I don't take beef so,...rest of the dishes I took....

The chicken on both my visit,was not fantastic but was still quite nice,was lightly tough.It was roasted and added with the a sauce.The sauce was lightly flavoured,slight mellow taste of the spices.

The fish,on my first visit was some how outstanding was tasting very fresh,the sauce was alomst the same taste as the one used in chicken,but somehow really did blend very well with the fish,was very tasty,simply mouth watering.I had few around of the fish.And one of the reason for my second visit.
But on my second visit the fish sauce very watery and quite tasteless.Had nothing what so ever related to my first visit fish,was very disappointing.

The vegetables were quite plain,more to a lightly cooked  salad,was not bad,maybe for the health conscious...  can do la.

The lighter white version was vegetable soup,didn't have much veges in it,was watery and tasteless.The chicken soup had a lot of veges,didn't see any chicken nor could  taste the flavour of the chicken,but had a lamb bone in it.This taste was much better,was quite okay,more to a minestrone soup kind of taste.

There was a small salad bar..I always like to have my salad at the near end of the course.The salad was okay,nothing much.but the coleslaw was very nice nearly finished it all by myself.

Dessert were interesting with Egyptian Basbousa,Banana Cake and French Cream Caramel and 2 type of fruits.Expect for the fruits,I did not fancy any of other items on the desserts plate.The banana cake and french cream caramel is nothing like what I  had at other places.maybe I am not use to this taste.
My first visit I really did enjoyed the buffet alot.My second visit was abit disppointing.
Was told me the al carte menu was way better..Maybe some other time soon..... Buffet $9.90+

Amirah's Grill
14 Bussorah Street.

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