17 Jul 2010

Blanco Court Fish Soup???

Is this the Real(original) Blanco Court Fish Soup???

 I have eaten the so call Blanco fish soup,at Blanco court food centre decades back.With stalls claiming to be from Blanco court.I noticed this stall while travelling along Beach Road,with a decent queue, which states Blanco Court Fried Fish Soup .

 Just one look at the soup...tells it all,this has nothing to do with the original famous Banlco Court Fish Soup.Well I am here,so is the soup,what to do just eat la.I had the fried fish soup with evaporated milk.(Milk does add extra flavour and taste to the soup.) .
The fried fish looked more to the frozen fillet type.But somehow it did taste very fresh,very flavourful(they were constantly frying the fish in batches).Had a scoop of the soup,it was smooth,light,very good,very flavoursome,very tasty.Just sails through the mouth...siok!!
 Instead of the commonly used chye sim,lettuce,wong bok cabbage in most of the fish soup,here they add chinese spinach.Which just blended so perfectly well with the soup.Very nice.
The fried crispy egg here is not the very crispy,fluffy,thin,hairy kind.it.Wasn't that well done,so I got some kind of a lumpy egg.Better not ask for extra eggs.
Had another bowl with sliced fish soup.The fish was very fresh,slightly thick slice.The soup was the same as the fried one,very tasty.The fried egg flared abit better but still not good enough.

Had tried a couple of times after my visit.The soup and fish were a good as ever.The frying of the eggs,needs to improve.
The serving is quite little.I had the $4.00 and the $5.00 version.There wasn't much different in the serving,maybe a extra fish and bit more soup.

It may not be the original Blanco Court Food Centre Fish Soup.But this is really a very good,very tasty fish soup.

Blanco Court Fried Fish Soup.
Luk Lu Eating House
341 Beach Road
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