1 Jul 2010

BoonTong Kee... East Coast Road

 Cze Cha...Chicken Rice
With 2 buddies along East Coast Road one wanted  have chicken rice.And other wanted to have cze cha dishes.

And  fortunately we were right in front of  Boon Tong Kee.Before they change their mind,walked straight in.
 Thai Style Chicken Feet.The first dish to be served.The feet was rather very cold but the feet was very crunchy with very big bite cuts.The accompanying sauce,slight sweet and sour taste,with strong flavour of lemon grass and surprising if I am not mistaken lotus bud scent,with onions slices,did alot of justice to the dish.The serving was quite big and justify the price.$6.00
 Boiled Chicken.Surprising it was accompanied with preserved veges and normal cucumbers.Was lightly drizzled with sauce.
 My first bite didn't really impress me.But as I had few bites,this was turning out to be something special .The cuts were big.The skin,has to be one of smoothest and softest I ever had.The meat was cooked in such a way,that it had a crunch in the bite,yet it was soft and tender.It surely was a different kind of texture from the usual one I have had ,I am beginning to really like this.The serving for 3 people's portion was reasonable.$11.00

The rice was very well cooked, not very flavourful but was still quite nice.When very well with chicken and chilly.The porridge was abit grainy but still  very smooth,very plain,big serving for the price,went very well with the chicken.0.50 cents each.
 Kangkong with Cuttlefish.Maybe I didn't read properly,I thought I was ordering sambal kangkong with cuttlefish.But there is no complain ,this was more to Jiu Her Eng Chye,with sweet sauce with the right amount of sweetness,sprinkle with peanuts,with big cuts and big amount of cuttlefish..A nice touch from usual sambal kangkong with cuttlefish.We loved it.Serving portion was very reasonable, a bit pricey but worth it.$10.00
 Fried Prawn Rolls.These were not so crispy or crunchy.It was soft,the filling was okay nothing exciting.$10.00
Crispy Beancrub.It was crispy enough on outer side,super soft,almost a melt sensation in the middle but a tad salty,accompanied with mayo.$6.00
Crispy Fried Chicken.The skin was crispy,slightly on the dry side,marinated nicely.It was tasty enough.For the price,I will say it was very good...1/2 a chicken $6.00/whole chicken $12.00
Crab Meat with Fish Maw Thick Soup.With good amount prawns,some crab meats here and there,mushroom and choke full of fish maw.It was thick,not starchy,pleasantly smooth with bits of of the stuffs,in every mouth full.We did enjoy this alot.$12.00 small but the serving was unexpectedly big.Good enough for more than 4 people.

Chee Cheong Fun.Very average,the sauces were nice though.Nothing much to say.$1.00

Over all I found most the dishes better than my expectation.They charge 0.40 cents for water.they charged 5% for service and usual for GST. I don't mind my going again.But our interest has rose to try the main branch for now.

Boon Tong Kee
199 East Coast Road.

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