14 Jul 2010

Golden Mile Hokkien Mee

Most probably the Best Dry Hokkien Mee around.....

I have eaten here couple of times and so far I have not been disappointed with this dry version of Hokkien Mee.The serving is quite a small portion.Or may it's me...I just don't get enough.

We get the usual  prawns(small) and cuttlefish in the hokkien mee.This hokkien mee is not just like any other dry hokkien mee,here you can taste the whole tasty delicious stock.And what a wonderful stock,stir beautifully  together with the yellow mee and thin bee hoon.It's not over cooked,you don't get any wet stock around.Dry but it is still very fluffy and light.You still can get the full tastiness of the stock, in the hokkien mee.
 It is served with 2 chillies,sambal chilly and cut chilly padi.The sambal chilly is simply one of the best sambal chilly I have ever had in a hokkien mee it is not hot but it is so very tasty.
You can forget it, they won't give you more.I try once asking for extra chilly,the chilly spoon moved but nothing dropped on my plate.

I really don't quite like dry versions of Hokkien Mee but here it's a different story.I simply love what they do to the Hokkien Mee.It's so very...yummy!!!$3.00
Small serving even for $4.00
If only the serving and chilly was more...

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
Golden Mile Food Centre
Closed on Wed
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  1. How does it compare with Nam Sing at Old Airport?

  2. I have try Nam Sing few times.And I did not quite fancy it.So it would be obvious,I prefer this.

  3. i wonder if you try the one at tiong bahry market ...nice!

  4. Yes,I have tried a stall in tiong bahru market sometime back.It's nice have to try again.