5 Jul 2010

Quality Hotel Asian Rice Buffet

Quality Cafe
One of the cheaper Buffets..Around

 It is one the cheaper lunch buffets around,at price of $12.80++,the spread is more than expected.Can't really take much shots of the spread,the cover is kept close all the time.The menu changes everyday,so don't expect the same dishes on menu.First some of the better stuffs.

Black pepper mussels was better than expected,with the right taste of the sauce slightly tough,have to accept in buffet spread.Had over 15 to 20 of it.The Yong Tau Fu in sauce was tasty and the filling was fresh.

The Boiled Chicken was quite good and everyone were going for softer meat part leaving most of the breast meat in buffet tray.The Chicken Rice was very fragrant was good enough and went very with the chicken.For a spread the chicken rice was very good.and chilly went every well too.

Watercress soup was very good very tasty.Peanut porridge was another surprise which really very good,with cuttlefish,chicken and dried scallops bits and peanuts,was wonderful.

Chilly Crab Sauce and Man Tou.I was actually waiting for the crabs to come,but as the name states it was only chilly crab sauce with small bits of crab meat and here and there in the sauce was good the man tou were soft and nice went well.

 There were 2 live station popiah and mee rebus.Both were decent enough.

Some the items on the spread,seafood roll,roasted chicken,mixed veges,potatoes,steamed fish head(tasted and looked like dory fillet,no fishy taste or smell),salad,cocktail sausages, yam rice,carrot cake etc,.There are no pork or lard here ,almost all were reasonably good for the price .There were some maybe 2 items I did not take.

Desserts...there were about 7 types of kuehs with cakes.Ice kachang which I though was chendol(if  only they coconut milk),4 types of ice creams.
Drinks were ice water,orange juice,coffee and 2 type of teas and hot water.

Over all,almost all the dishes were better than,what I expected.
For the price I don't think I can nitpick on complains.A very cheap and more than reasonable buffet for the price.

Asian Rice Lunch Buffet $12.80++
11.30 a.m - 2.30 p.m
Quality Cafe
Quality Hotel 
201 Balestier Road


  1. Everyone should try it.... It's a one stop place for Asian Delights.