20 Jul 2010

Raja Inn....Lunch Buffet.

Nothing beats a simple cheap porridge buffet... $6.90++!!!

I saw this place in the TV show Buffetlicious.And how am I not going to go,seeing some of my favourite dishes for a porridge.And with the price tag of $6.90,with over 20 dishes on the spread.Here!....I come..

It is quite a simple,small place.Don't expect comfort ambience the sitting are quite near.And when the crowd starts coming in around 20 minutes after opening,it can be jammed packed .It was even difficult to move from my chair.But still can manage la.

We took a little of everything on the spread to try out first.The table was not big enough,for all the dishes to be placed.So some of the dishes.

Porridge(they have rice too),Chinese sausage and Boiled Salted Egg.
Fried Ikan Bilis,Fried Peanuts both were very crispy and crunchy.Braised Peanut and Braised Tau Pok were soft and nice..Can't go wrong with a porridge.

Curry Chicken Wing had wonderful aroma,and tasted better than what it was suppose to taste like,more to Indonesian style.Simply tasty.
Braised Chicken wing was equally good too.Siok!

Minced Pork in Black Bean one of my favourites in a porridge and was done very well.Braised Pork Belly and Hard Boiled Egg.All were very nice.

Fried Fish was another surprise, very crispy,tasty, tasted better than it looked.Just too good to be ignore. Fish Cake tasted better than average.


Brinjal with Chilly Minced Pork and Cabbage.Both were cooked to near prefect taste and texture,really  good.Very nice.

Dried Bean Crud,Preserved Veges with Pork Belly.Preserved Salted Veges.Simple but all were very siok.Went very well with the porridge.

Tau Fu Egg was silky smooth,soft,light melts in the mouth without trying.Bok Choy with Mushroom was very good.

Bee Hoon was simple very old school taste,loved it.Fried Rice was fried very simple,okay.
Dessert was cut oranges,forgot to take a shot,was too full to remember.

Usually when we go for a buffet spread,we try a little of nearly everything,then on the second around,we only take few of the items,which we think were very good or went very well with stuff we are eating.But this is the only buffet spread that we took nearly all the items on spread again and again,not knowing which to let go.

I don't know whether all the dishes were all fantastic.But too me all the dishes were better than expected.  And all the dishes were cooked,to blend perfectly well with the porridge.Certainly better than,what I can get from a average porridge stall.Simple dishes maybe....But done almost perfectly well.We all loved it.

And we are already planning go again next week.Certainly worth my money.Worth a try...
Porridge Buffet Lunch.$6.90++
Downside they charge 0.50cents++, for ice water.Soft drinks were priced around $2.50.

Raja Inn.
Tiong Bahru Plaza.
302 Tiong Bahru Road  
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