10 Jul 2010

Riverwalk Tandoor...Buffet

 North Indian Buffet ..With Tandoori Chicken..too cheap to be true
Having a meal at North Indian restaurant,be it al carte or buffet,it can really hurt the wallet.And in the buffet very often I find the main attraction to be chicken,mutton(or lamb) and fish,with a pricey tag too. So just image $12.90++  for lunch,with all you can eat tandoori chicken,mutton,briyani,naans,etc....let's go..

Had wanted to tried out this place for sometime.Nothing classy a very simple decor.

Neatly arranged buffet station,with classy Indian style brass buffet tray with the covers hanging with stylish look.
 Every time when I go for Indian buffet my eyes searches for this dish,tandoori chicken.It is ridiculously hard  to find tandoori chicken on $12.90++ buffet.I am not complaining ......
The tandoori chicken tasted better than what I was expecting from a buffet.It had all the flavours of the spices,was not hard,reasonably soft,tender and yummy,tasty.The amount of tandoori chicken I ate alone cover both mine and buddy's cost.

Briyani and White Rice.Both were in big rice cooker.Both the rice were soft,fluffy and cooked well.The briyani was very falvourful nice.The white was basmatic rice too.

Mutton Korma.The meat was very soft,tender,like melt kind feel,yet firm.Didn't have any mutton smell.Was not spicy or hot ,had a creamy kind of  taste and texture.Very nice.Went very well with the naans and briyani..

Tomato Fish...Well I didn't see any tomato,didn't taste like in a heavy tomato.Lightly spiced most likely dory fillets.Was nice enough.

Always never thought much of the veges,when I am in a Indian restaurant,But here veges very really nice and tasty.Above Long Beans with Potato and Chana with Gourd.

Paneer with Mushroom and Dal Makhani..Panner(cottage cheese) is acquire taste,I loved what was offer here.The Dal was so simple,tasted like it was roasted before it was cooked.But the Dal Makhani was simply too good.Awesome taste.Loved it.

 Naans.We weren't ready for naans so early .But were served straight away without us asking for it..Came very hot from the tandoor(oven) .Was served garlic and plain,both were super soft,light very tasty.Have to eat it before it turns cold.Certainly one of the best naans served.

 I think this are suppose to be the starters.I really never start from the starters  .The pappum was nice.I must mention the yogurt,it never fails me,I always love it in a North Indian restaurant,so very creamy,smooth,light,a touch of sourness,lightly salted.Siok.Vegetable soup,very light,thin ,nothing fancy.Was okay for this price.

 Chat.It's d.i.y.I mixed the stuffs and sauce,added all the sauce which didn't turn out right.My second time,got the mixture right.A kind North Indian salad,maybe rojak.Interesting.

 Desserts...Rice Kherr and Friuts.Rice Kheer is a kind of rice pudding,the cooked rice was in a sweet milk.It's a acquire taste,I didn't fancy it.Cut fruits watermelon,honey dew and papaya.

Gulab Jamun.This is super terribly sweet,soaked in a very heavy sugar syrup.But this is one of the most tastiest, gulab jamun ,I have ever had.I could taste the creaminess of the milk in the flour ball ,spongy,soft,melts creamily in the mouth.Creamy milk balls in heavy syrup?Very sweetly nice.  

I really had more than my monies worth.$12.90++ is steal.

They have even cheaper priced buffet $11.90+ offering the same menu at Farrer Park branch.

Riverwalk Tandoor
Landmark Village Hotel(formerly Golden Landmark Hotel)
Level -5, pool side
390 Victoria Street


  1. $12.90? for eat-all-you-can?! That's a total steal!!! Love it. We'll drop by. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Remember $12.90 is for lunch.Hope you enjoy it.
    You're welcome.

  3. wow good deal

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