30 Jul 2010

Sheng Yi Fa ....Lor Mee

A Class of it's Own

Bubby called to tell me.he just ate one classy lor mee,a must try,and I must try this.When buddy says must try, it a must for me.Buddy was not free,and I'm not waiting for buddy....off to Clementi

Clementi Central is under going renovation.My quick search, turnout to be a 45 minutes walk about,off the wrong direction.Anyway manage to find the place eventually.This better be good?
My gooey plate of lor mee was served with a bottle of vinegar.Now I can adjust the sourness at my own pace,that's nice.But I could not see much ingredients.....
But a slight stir and my goodness,there were load full,chunks of ingredients just popping up.This was sign of beauty to me.It's not the usual small cut up stuffs that I get nowadays.

All the stuffs are done by themselves.And were all very yummy.Not big or large but reasonable size of whole pieces of meatball,ngoh hiangs,fried dumplings.The fillings were all mainly meat and prawns.The crispy bits were cut to bite size chucks,very easily crackled with very bite.

The braised belly pork,was done the old school way,slightly dried feel to it.It was not the usual  thin slice cuts. It was quite a bite size for a lor mee.I'm loving it..There was no slice egg...sob!

The sauce looked thick and starchy,but taste wise it was very flavoursome,quite light,smooth,very mellow.It was just too nice,better than what I expected.This was good,very good.

I have tried, lor mee at almost all the popular stalls around.I am not judging which is the best.They all have their own class,style and taste,and their followers.(I am one of them)
And here is another stall,with it's own class,style and taste.Surely one of the better standard lor mee.Amount the top Lor Mee around.Too yummy to be ignore.
Will certainly be having another trip to have it again.
Price starts at $2.50.I had the $3.00 portion.

Sheng Yi Fa
San Po Food Court
 Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3

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