15 Aug 2010

Blk 123... Kway Chap..Simply heavenly

Huat Kee Kway Chap

Would you believe?Kway Chap is exactly my most favourite dish of all time.Everytime when I see, a stand alone kway chap stall I just could not resists.I have almost tried, some of the most popular kway chap, from Old Airport Rd,Serangoons Gardens,Toa Payoh.Tampines,Hougang, etc...

Though I stay in Yishun, incidentally this place was recommended to me,by a delivery man who stays in Hougang,who occasionally comes to my office for delivery.That was some 2 or 3 years back.

Unknown to most,even in Yishun ,located in a out of way coffeeshop and the only coffeshop in that block.I had my first taste back then.And I have been going to this stall,almost every other week since then.Though I still occasionally, do try other kway chaps around the island.Somehow I always seem to going, back to this stall,again and again...

It's just a normal coffee shop,you don't see much crowd around weekdays.But during weekend it gets jammed packed.And for what else...Kway Chap!!!
I usually go there on a weekends, on a Sunday,early in the morning  before7.30a.m...Knowing the crowd will be coming soon,within about half an hour or so,and the minimum waiting time can get around 45 minutes to over an hour.Almost every table in the shop you could see plates,and plates of kway chap..

The kway teow's soup here, is very different from most stalls.Not the usual,adding of the black sauce gravy to the boiled water of the kway teow. Here the light broth of the kway teow is very savoury, tasty,topped with bits of fried lard,fried shallots and celery,is just too good,not to notice the difference.It is served very hot and the soup's heat stays hot for quite long time.The only other stall,I know where the soup heat, last long is Guan Kee.(Toa Payoh)

 I know alot of people like big intestine.Usually I don't seem to order,the big intestine after my visit or second visit from most of the stalls I have had kway chap.

But here is one place,not only I order the big intestine but most likely,to have repeat orders of it.It so soft,not mushy,tender,slight chewiness and the slight sweetness just enchants the taste.Simply supercilious.
 Not normally found in kway chap nowadays,dried pork skin is regular item here.

My favourite in a kway chap.Small intestine and Skin with just a touch of sweetness are so very tender,a mellow kind of softness with a light crunch,so savoury,tasty.......I always never seem to have enough,sure to have an extra order of another plate.Simply Heavenly awesome...

Braised pork belly has melt kind of feel,not mushy,has a good bite to it, as good as it can get.
The fish cake,stomach,eggs,tau pok etc., are good enough,but I always seems to going back to my favourite orders.

 It's all in the sauce gravy,it's done soo good,every stuffs comes so very savoury and tasty.And  the stuffs are cooked to almost to perfect tenderness and softness,which makes this,as one of my favourite  kway chap...maybe my favourite kway chap for now.Prices starts from $3.50.....mine always goes over $20.00 for 3 people.. repeat orders.
On weekdays they do not sell all the stuff but they  have most of the items.And on weekend avoid going after over 12.00 p.m.Most of the stuff would have been gone...

Huat Kee Kway Chap
123 Eating House
Blk 123 Yishun Street 11

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