8 Aug 2010

Crystal Cafe ...Taiwan Porridge Buffet

Oh!No! Not Another Porridge..I can see some already asking.

Somehow it seem I am quite attracted to porridge buffet lately.Even today just before I started to write, I just had porridge for lunch,but it was not buffet but what I paid,I should have gone to one.....

From outside,what you see,deceives your eyes.Looking very simple,like small place along the pathway.But once you step inside what you see is very big,very spacious place with nice seating rattan chairs.

The buffet spread was arranged in a circular way or was it square.
They had about 20 over items,some of the items,maybe almost all expect for braised duck which I did not take and the fried fish,which forgot to take for the my own display on the table.

 The highlight here for me,had to be the braised  pig totters.They were really very nice not overly soft and gooey.It had the right texture of being soft,tender and still had a slight crunch in the skin.The pork belly and chicken feet with tau kee were the other 2 items,which I did like alot.

Steam minced pork(they called steamed mini burger meat).Fried fish,ikan bilis,fried peanuts,salted egg,boiled egg,steam egg with ham,tau fu,tau pok and steamed peanuts.All were decent.


There was  yong tau fu was very decent,bok choy,preserved turnip,and preserved veges(the turnip was okay but veges was quite sweet).Preserved veges with pork was okay.Mee goreng was a kind of sweet for my liking.Bringal with chilly minced pork was very well done... very nice.
I ended up,refilling my dishes mainly with trotters took it over 5 times,chicken feet and braised belly and the bringal, maybe about 3 times.
 Dessert were simple some fruits,one type kueh,some cakes and tau suan,coffee and tea.The tau suan was very thick but it seem they did not use any starch to thicken it.The beans itself is used in large quantity for thickening.Very nice.  

Overall a decent porridge buffet.Comfortable,spacious place to have it, at your own pace and time.And a friendly and efficient service.But for the price...I might go again ....I went on a weekend lunch.Price.. $13.80++...weekday $ 11.80++

 Crystal Cafe
Orchard Grand Court
131 Killiney Road


  1. was there last nite. it was packed however the refill was slow..

  2. Sorry,I should have mentioned,I was there for lunch.

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