25 Aug 2010

No SignBoard Seafood.... The Central

High Class Prices but....

This was an accidental  visit .We(3 of us)wanted to have some crabs for lunch on Saturday,at another restaurant, along RiverPoint, but the outside seating was just too stuffy and hot for our liking.Knowing there are few makan places  in the Central,we roam the place for awhile,came across No SignBoard restaurant
I have been to their Geylang,No Signboard  few times....
 Hidden at corner end,with only just the sigh showing in front.....Step inside....

It is very spacious,posh with elegant looks . Nothing grand in decor.The place was near empty,there was just another couple there.They were complaining to the captain,and left within 10 minutes.

We ordered some dishes to start out.The first item served was Homemade Beancurd $15.00.

 The bean curd was soft but was quite limp,small and thin.Not the plum,fluffy style which most of places tend to have.The minced pork topping,was slightly salty,very average tasting.Nothing.. wowing here.
Sambal KangKong.Sorry,after one taste none of us wanted to touch it.It was super overly salty can't really eat it.We left it untouch the wait staff offer to replace it.We decline,and did not made any fuss over it.But the wait staff after sometime,came back and told us they would not be charging for the vege.
Deep Fried Baby Cuttlefish .This was very good very crispy,very crunchy and nicely blended with the sauce.The same  usual way,light sweet sour .$12.00

The reason for being here,their famous White Pepper Crab.$52.00(1 kg 42.00)They did not have any crabs around 2kg.The biggest they said were around 1.2kg -1.3kg.

The crab was blended very nicely with the the sauce.It's was very nice,very tasty.But  I have eaten quite number of crabs around.The price indicated around 1.2 kg but it looked more like 800 to 900 grams.I could be wrong.
Soon Hock fish in  Teochew Style.$53.00.(1 kg 70.00)This was biggest fish they had on this day.And,Oh no,not again another overly salted dish.
But the method and the steaming time was simply perfect.The fish was super fresh.We ate without taking much of the sauce with the fish.It was so yummy on it's own.Such a pity,something so perfectly steamed,was overly very salty.
Wanted to order  more crabs and  main dishes.But buddy was strongly against it,with the dishes so far served.....

So just to fill our tummy,we order some dim sums items.

 Pan fried Carrot Cake.It was not soft and moist,as I would like to have it.But it was still nice enough.$4.00

LongXu Seafood Rolls $6.00.The vermicelli was very thin,crispy the surprising part was the vermicelli itself,it was very tasty not bland tasting, which most places use to just to cover the main roll inside.But the inside seafood stuffing was very average tasting.
Xiang Long Bao $5.00.Let me put it this way,this had the thickest skin I ever had in a XLB,and the stock in the bao was very average.
Fresh Prawn Carrot Cake.$5.00. The carrot cake were steam,lightly sauced,very soft,the prawns were fresh.Was decent enough.

 Deep Fried Bean Curd.$6.00.This is one of my usual favourite in a dim sum.But here the outer skin was not crispy and filled was just too average.

Seafood Congee.$6.00.Was just okay.nothing exciting here.

Steamed Custard Bun.$4.00.The bun was soft.The custard filling did not have running flow but was quite tasty anyway.

The service was very impeccable,we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.
But overall we were,quite disappointed,no big crabs,no big fish and it was on a Saturday,the food was not quite up to the mark.
My few visits to Geylang had much better tasting dishes and better value than here.

 No SignBoard Seafood
The Central 4th Floor
Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

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