12 Aug 2010

The Prata Place....Upper Thomson

Who does not love a prata...maybe very few.

 Located  at a corner end, along the rows of shop houses along Upper Thomson Road,or is it the begining of the row.In a quiet and peaceful,lazy looking corner.A prata shop stands out.We went on a weekend on Sunday morning and it was not so quiet at all.The place was packed with people and steady groups coming,through out my patronizing there.

A simple seating area inside with aircon.And there are some al fresco dining area outside and near the side walk, near the drain...hee heee!

We were given the menu,there were alot varieties of pratas,thosais',rice.briyani,mee goreng and drinks etc.We order few varieties of Pratas and a Masala Thosai,Chicken,Mutton and a Vege.
Here the pratas are only flipped and grilled upon your orders..

The Plain Prata.. was  hot,very crispy and flaky.It was good on it's own,without any curries, it was very nice but a word of caution,the prata gets a bit harder as it cools down,so try to eat before it cools down, for a very,crispy,flaky crunch...0.90 cents

The Egg Prata... had only 2 folds,came in a rectangular shape,looking quite big in size.Served hot it was very soft,crispy,light texture and torn easily.Nice,very easy to eat.And same applies here and to all the pratas as well,try eat before it cools down alot....$1.50.

The Banana Prata...was extra soft,nice crisp.The slight melt banana inside the parta was very enchanting,eating it with the prata was really wonderful.Children will certainly love it has well...$2.50

Mushroom Egg Prata...Canned mushrooms are been used with egg.This was nice too,tasted better than what I expected.Will order again on next visit...$2.70

The Roti (prata) Bomb.This was a real bomb to me,I did not expect this.This was filled with alot of butter and sugar,thus having a very oily feel and very sweet,too sweet for of either of us.Maybe for the children...$1.60

Chicken Curry and Fish Curry.The accompanying curries for the pratas.Both were good enough.

Masala Thosai.The thosai was big,with potato fillings.The filling was nice enough accompanying condiments were all very good.The same philosophy as the prata,have to be eaten before it cools down.Very nice enough.

Some side dishes.Chicken Masala was nice,we all liked it alot .It was mildly spiced with slight creaminess in texture was very nice...$3.50

Mutton Masala was good too.Soft,tender,mildly spiced too,no smell what so ever,with a very nice aroma and taste.Will sure to order both this dishes again on our next visit...$4.50

Veges...actually the vege was nicely done but had a very light slight feel of sands in the taste...$1.60

Drinks we had, Tea (0.90 cents),Milo($1.00) and Coffee Chino(2.00).All were normal and quite sweet,even after asking for less sweetness.

Overall we did like all the stuffs we had.

If we had eaten, like normal people it should have been well within the budget and cheap.We are human eating machine so likely we ate more than we should.Still not enough we headed towards Ampang YFT.

The Prata Place.
No. 1 Thong Soon Avenue
off Upper Thomson Road.

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  1. Yay! Looks yummy. I would want to try this at home. Thank you for sharing your Roti Prata food experience. ;)