3 Aug 2010

Sakura....Buffet Dhoby Court Green

A High Quantity Spread.....but

My close kaki  was for sometime pestering me, to tried  out Sakura.So we set out a date,went with three others.They were having seafood fair.Here you pay first at the counter.

The payment counter is outside.Made the payment were lead inside to our table.Very simple seating arrangement and path to walk is very close.

I was taking some quick shots around the area,a staff rushed towards me and told I am allow to take photos of the display area,so I stopped taking shots of the display.
I took the some food to my table, I was taking some shots at the food plate on my table.Another staff who saw me taking some snaps,came and told me,I was not allow to take any photos of food on my plate.
I did ask him about it,he gave some stories of the food,being claim by other as theirs.
This is nightmare for food blogger....but it's okay...I only wish they had clearly stated their rules,so I know before hand the house rules.
But I did manage to take some quick shots of of what ever I could,before I was stopped,some poor quality...sorry.I did not have much shots of the food on my table...sorry!.

 The grill station... there were about 15 items from lamb,fish to veges.You just put your clip(were given only 2 clips),on which ever items you want,they will bring it to our table once the grill is done.

The range at cooked food section was quite impressive.At the entrance of the display,there were about 12 types fried items and otak,nothing outstanding but nothing bad either,quite okay for the price.There were about 3 dim sum basket(this neither of us took it again). Had 3 types of pizzas were quite okay.

 Along the spread,there were about another 14 cooked item, fried rice,pasta,mutton curry,leek with cuttlefish,sambal prawns,fried small baby fish,fried mini baby crabs,miso chicken,thai chilly tofu,nonya fish,broccoli delight,chawwanmushi.Nothing was bad,were quite okay la..I did like the mini baby crabs.

Soup for the day were shark fin with crab meat and mushroom soup.Shark fin soup was thin with some crab and manage to find 2 pieces of fin in the soup.On ice,were mussels,boiled prawns and scallop. 

At the cooking station,they were offering laksa and satay bee hoon,both with cray fish or normal.Both were quite good not bad,the laksa gravy was quite good

There was a sushi bar they had over 25 variety.The highlight lobster sushi roll.I am one of  the few people, who don't quite like sushi,so I really can't commend on this,though I did tried some.And I still can't comment.

Desserts were also quite a surprise,12 flavours of ice cream,green bean soup,yam paste.pie tee.About 13 types cakes,tarts with durian puff,durian pengat,4 types konnyaku jelly,some 10 types of fruits,sea coconut with logan and fruit cocktail.
The durian puff and durian pengat were surprising quite good,with real thick durian flesh in it.And I always loved konnyaku jelly,had quite a number of it.
Drinks,this was really very impressive .What can I say,they are really crazy,there were about 13 types of cold drinks,From soft drinks,soy bean,green tea,lemon,black current,ice lemon tea,milo to their house special mango peach and tropical pineapple etc...Hot drinks of few types of coffees,tea...etc.

Let me put this way.Don't expect high quality items,nothing spectacular nor nothing stands out.Nothing is bad,maybe average.But the buffet has quite high quantity spread of items.
This certainly is a buffet to go with family. I would gladly take children along.I am sure they would love it.
One for the family don't forget your bring your children along.

And before I forget.We were almost finished with our dinner and chatting,with another 30  minutes to closing time.When the staff came over and told,he checked with his supervisor and it was okay to take photos of the food on my table...told to me"can take photos now".What a joke.....ha!ha!ha!...
What to do...just eat la....

Price $28+

Sakura  (Halal)
Dhoby Ghaut Green
10 Penang Road 

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