15 Sep 2010

Annalaskmi.....Payment... As You Wish??

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This restaurant has a very unique payment style.
Pay what you feel like paying.

Yes! sounds crazy,maybe they have a screw loose.Here you eat as much as you want,and pay what you want to pay.Sounds too good to be true but it is the truth.

Once they had,one of most....maybe the most posh,expensive,high end ,classy,Indian vegetarian restaurant,in Singapore,in Excelsior Hotel.

Having a simple  vegetarian meal(thali set) would  cost,if I am not mistaken around $30.00++ and buffet was around $32.00++. That was around 2 decades back.Which was way too high,for a Vegetarian meal . I have visited their posh and high class restaurant a couple of times then.
My first visit to this present place was full of expectation,image of their past buffet spread was still very vivid in my mind.

But now,it's new ball game,the buffet spread has shrunk by miles.I was very disappointed on my first visit,it was my fault.I was still imagining their former glory.
So now on my second visit I was more prepare what to expect .Hey,what can I expect,even if you don't pay,they can't say anything.

Now located  conveniently in Chinatown Point.With simple decors and high chairs.There are some of their former decors  around.
They have  buffet lunch on weekends and ala carte menu on weekdays.And both the buffet and the ala carte are still,pay as you wish.Mine was a weekend visit so there was buffet spread.

Tamarind rice,White rice,Briyani rice,Upma(semolina),Fried Bitter Gourd,Vegetable Korma,Okra masala and Aloo(potato ).
My favourite was upma,kind of soft lumps,sticky texture,quite different from the usual food stuff,was very tasty  .The tamarind rice,briyani rice and fried bitter gourd were very good.The other vegetable dishes tasted more what you get from other Indian vegetarian restaurant.

 Rasam(peppery soup),Sambar,dhal and Rati(yogurt with veges).All tasted quite nice.

Mango Chutney(sweet tasting preserved mangoes), Plain Yogurt,Achar,Yogurt Vadi,Papadam and Puri.
The mango chutney was sweetly nice.The papadams and puris,were disappearing as fast as they appear,they never had chance to cool down.

Dessert,not sure of the name,something made from green beans and rice,sweet tasting. And water melon.

They offered a number of drinks.All drinks were free flow and you can order,different drinks if you want.  We opted for lemon juice(concentrate syrup version)  and salted lassi (yogurt drink) .With dessert we had masala tea and coffee, both looked almost alike.The coffee was quite different from the normal coffee,very creamy,tasty,I really did enjoy it.

I really can't commend too much on the individual taste of the dishes,but on the whole I did like what was offer on spread and it was a good Indian vegetarian buffet for me.Come on, I am paying,what I want to pay and paying for what,I think it is worth..... Worth a trip for Vegetarians.

They don't use garlic or onion in their buffet spread.

Chinatown Point,
Podium A
133,New Bridge Road

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