19 Sep 2010



Aston Express...They are suppose to be cheap good western food with some high quality taste to give the  local heartlands stalls  a run for the money.Have visited a number of Astons' Specialties and Express.
And this Express stall more often than any other Astons.(I work nearby.)

Lamb Loin Chops.$14.90.(Comes with 2 side dishes and mint sauce)One of my favourites in a western food is lamb chops.I always have it well done.And it was grilled well done... ha ..ha.

I have eaten,the  lamb chops here few times,it's quite consistence.Reasonable cuts of thick loin slabs,soft,tender,quite juicy,tasty,quite nice.But somehow,something seem to be amiss.Having the lamb chops around on my third visit,I think I found,what the  missing part was.I think it is most likely the slight char burn taste is missing..Other wise this is quite nice.Worth the price.
 Chargrill Chicken.$5.90.It was quite dry,did not have the kind of chargrill  taste which I would like to have,quite a small size serving.Try twice, not having again.
Crispy Fried Fish..$6.50.Yes,the fish was very crispy but was quite dry and thin.Not the fat fluffy version.And I did not quite fancy being fried with breadcrumbs.
Pork Chops.$8.50.It is certainly getting quite difficult to have a decent pork chops in the heartlands stalls.And one of the main reason for my repeat visits here.
The pork chops are moist,soft,juicy,tender and tasty.With or without the mushroom sauce,it tastes just marvelous.Presently my favourite place to have pork chops.

 Cream Of Mushroom.$2.50.Well,they don't offer much of a choice for soups.Only one and it's cream of mushroom.It was thick,creamy with bits of mushroom in it.It was tasty, really quite nice.Worth the $2.50 price tag,comes with 2 slices of garlic bread(quite decent).

All the mains comes with 2 side dishes of your choice.
Some of the side dishes served with the mains.Baked Potato,BQQ Beans,Onion Rings,Garden Veggie,French Fries and Coleslaw.Nothing exciting ,nothing bad,reasonable enough for the price.

They use the same mushroom sauce for all the mains.I am quite okay with the sauce,I think it is quite okay as long you are not eating there everyday..Sometimes I have the mains without the sauce.

With every individual's taste,there is bound to have some hits and misses.It 's the same here too. 

Golden Wall Centre
Kopitiam Stall 12
89 Short Street

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