2 Sep 2010

Duman Road ...Char Siew Wanton Mee

The other....Wanton Mee

When I told my friends I just had Duman Road wanton mee,they straight away presume,it was the other one in basement .They did not even realise there is another wanton mee stall,in the food centre.
Less known,than their counter part at basement .This stall commands, their own faithful followers.

The serving was  quite big for the price.The sauce was very tasty,almost identical to,their counter part at basement.Char siew is very average,sliced thin.I really never bother much about char siew in a wanton noodles.I am more into,about noodles and wantons in wanton noodles..
 The noodles were a bit more thicker,than usual popular stalls,I have patronize.But the texture was very good, nice,QQ.Blend it with the sauce,these noodles are certainly good enough,to give any stall a run for their money.
 The wantons were plump,juicy,the filling were tasty,nice.
The chilly was hot,but not hot as the killer chilly at the basement stall.But still hot enough,to get the burning sensation in my mouth.This burns perfectly well enough, no complains here.

I have eaten here a couple of times.Over all this is a very good wanton noodles stall.Don't mind making another trip.$2.50

Duman Road
Char Siew Wan Ton  Mee
Duman Food Centre
271 Onan Road

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