5 Sep 2010

Jumbo Seafood.....

At Riverside Point....

The last time we went,we could not get inside seat.This time around they showed us a round table which had about 6 people already seated.The whether was cloudy,not hot as the  last time we came,so we opted to seat outside.
Homemade Beancurd.$12.00.This is buddy's favourite,every time he see this in the menu,he will surely order.It was soft,too eggy for my liking and too much starch in the sauce.But still quite nice enough.

 Black Pepper Crabs.$42.00/$32.00.They did not have any crabs around 2 kg.I just don't understand this,no, big xx crabs.And they are called Jumbo restaurant.Well back to the crab.The slight creamy texture,was most likely done with butter.Not overly spicy,The pepper sauce just blended very well with the crab.Tasted like creamy buttery pepper crab.Very nice.We all love it.Just too yummy to ignore.Order another biggest crab they had..,sob!..came smaller than the first one.$32.00.  1 kg $40.00

Deep Fried Hock Soon Oyster Sauce.(2 orders $38.50 ).Another big fish order and I get a small fish.And amazing both the prices were the same.Told them to watch out for the salt.The fish was very fresh,crispy,fleshy.the sauce was nice done but still sightly salty.
 Prawns with Salted Egg.$20.00.The prawns were medium size.The salted egg was still very creamy,quite wet.I would prefer abit more dried version.None of us took a second helping,hoping it would dry up.But it was still the same after sometime.It did not work for us.

BBQ Lobster.$38.00.This was a surprise,I mean price,I was expecting a much higher price.Well it was not a perfect BBQ.The meat was slightly tough and dry.

Steamed Soon Hock in Soy Sauce.$45.00.1 kg $70.00Worried about the salt told them to take extra care on the salt.They offer to give the sauce separately.The fish came with the sauce separately.
The fish was very fresh,slightly over cooked,but still within okay,can do steaming standard.But the sauce which was given separately was overly salty.
I just do not understand why on earth this cooks or chefs,likes to add so much salt to the dishes nowadays.Few years back I would not have been worried about these dishes being salty. I would have just order without mentioning to watch for the salt.But nowadays even after telling to watch for the salt it is still salty,overly salty.And this not only happening here.

Boston Lobster with Minced Garlic.$57.80 (on promo 1 kg $65.00).I thought this would be a safe order.Oh boy! was I wrong.The sauce was very salty.The Lobster was chopped to pieces was over cooked tough tasteless and salty. But the pincers were still raw,was not even half cooked,must be understudy doing the cooking.A waste of our money.

Crispy Baby Squid.$12.00.This was very nice very crispy,crunchy,tasty.It tasted like they have added plum sauce with honey.It tasted different not the usual taste.
 Honey Pepper Lamb.$10.00.per piece.This was a real surprise,I really did not expect this.There was no lamby smell.The chop was super tender,soft, a melt in your mouth kind feel.The sauce was just superb.This was almost the perfect dish of the day.Is it worth the $10.00 per piece?Maybe I might order again if go again.Very nice.
Noodles Malay Style.$12.00.I did not expect  to see scallop in the mee,there were about 4 pieces,with some prawns and cuttlefish.The mee was slightly over sweet for my liking,but was done quite nicely though.
 Seafood Fried Rice.$12.00.What can I say?Looking just too average and simple,nothing prepared us for the taste that was coming...
Stir fried with small amount of diced scallop and prawns,sprinkled with conpoy,this fried rice had one of the most perfect wok hei ever.The scallops and prawns were not over cooked.Every mouthful of the rice was bursting with flavour.The rice texture was perfect,the flavour was perfect.This was just too superb... yummy..yummy. It was gone in a zip.The best dish of the day.Sure to order if I go again.Hopefully the the same chef or the cook,does the cooking .Simply Awesome...

Desserts were Honey Dew Sogo $3.50.Mango Pudding $4.00.Yam Paste $4.00.
Honey dew was okay can do la.The mango pudding and yam paste were very nice, good enough for us.
Chilly Crab.$32.00.This was a takeaway order.Buddy warned me against ordering chilly crab for dine in.So I had to try and had a takeaway.Oh !boy why did I not listen to buddy.They might as well name this sweet tomato crabs.It was overly sweet,had a very strong taste of tomato paste,the chilly taste was missing.It really did not work for me either.May for the foreigner's taste.

Overall we were surprised at the prices of the items we had,which we thought were quite cheap.
Accept for some over salty dishes,which by the way,are the dishes we must have.
The over all lunch would be consider quite good. Might go again....

Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road # 01-01/02
Riverside Point
Singapore 058282

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