23 Sep 2010

Shahi Maharani

My last visit to this place was some 5 years back.I had a good impression of the expensive food but not the service.So now after 5 years.....
We(3 of us)went there for lunch.They were having 1 for 1 lunch buffet promotion.$40.00.
We decided to go with the buffet.

The place looked the same as,what it was when I visited 5 years ago.Did not look like any changes took place.

There weren't much people,just 2 other tables were occupied.Another 3 tables were taken about 1 hour later.

The salad,chats and soup area.

Spiced Pappadam.Nice starters

Saffron Rice and Naans(plain,butter,garlic).Rice was very fluffy,fragrant was nice enough.Naans were good,especially the butter naan. 

Samosa..the pastry was light,soft crisp with nice potato fillings.


Chicken Tikka...Chicken breast marinated in tandoori masala.I don't quite like breast meat but it was quite okay.Soft,not too dry quite tasty,okay can do.

Mutton Rogan Josh...Mutton was soft,tender,a kind of creamy texture gravy. Was nice.

Murghi Tikka Masala..Chunks of chicken cooked in gravy with diced onions,tomatoes, green peppers, spices & chillies.It did not excite me but was okay.

Fish Kofta..My first bite I did not even know this was fish.It almost tasted like corn mutton,blended in lightly spiced tomato gravy.Very interesting taste.

Chana Masala and Aloo Mattar.Nothing exciting here very average tasting.


Cut Fruits,Indian,Candy,Gulab Jamun and Badam Kheer.All were decent enough,did find the Kheer more to my liking.

We were not quite satisfy with buffet dishes,so we decided to have something from the ala carte menu.

Tandoori Lamb Chops.$29.00++...They looked a kind of dry, but these lamb chops(4 pieces) were juicy ,suckled,soft,tender,very well marinated.Every bite was simple,plain,heaven.Simply supercilious...but for the price I really can't say whether it was worth it.
But we really did enjoyed it alot.

Tawa Jheeng(Tandoori Grilled Prawns).$25.00++...The prawns were big enough(5 prawns),quite tasty.But was very heavy on tandoori mixed batter masala spice.Could hardly taste the prawns,the batter was too thick,a bit raw, over powering the prawns.Maybe if they had tone down on spiced batter rub,on the prawns.

Expectation was quite high....Maybe they tone down the buffet for 1 for 1 promotion.
The service was very good.The food was okay.

Shahi Maharan
252, North Bridge Road,
# 03-21B
Raffles City Shopping Centre
(Level 3 Fairmont Singapore)
Lunch:12.00 noon-2.30 p.m
Dinner:6.30 p.m- 10.30 p.m(ala carte only)