8 Sep 2010

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee.....Bukit Batok

To Taste The True Orginal Tiong Bahru Lor Mee.

Decades back in Tiong Bahru market hawker centre. A never ending stream of queue can be spotted.And  this stall commands the queue anytime of the day,till they close.I have eaten this Tiong Bahru Lor Mee couple of times,decades back,in Tiong Bahru market hawker centre.
 Yes,this is the original Lor Mee stall that commanded the queue in Tiong Bahru.I still recognize the people from the stall.

When Tiong Bahru market closed for upgrading,they moved permanently away from there.And set their,now present stall in Bukit Batok
Well here I am having their lor mee after some years later.The dark brown sticky pork stock sauce,stays true to the original taste,smooth,strong,very bold tasting..Loaded with in crispy square bits,(not sure whether it is taupok or some mixed pork lard),pork belly slices,char siew,ngoh hiang,fish cakes,fried wantons,meat balls(maybe ngoh hiang balls),red cut chillies,garlic with dash of vinegar
Every mouth full of this gooey starchy lor mee was as tasty as ever as same to the original taste as it could be..The cracking of the square bits,and the load full of well blended ingredients,just adds more oomph  to the taste of the lor mee.Price from $2.50...Mine was $3.00

From what I heard,their uncle is the one,who owns another very popular lor mee stall in Bukit Purmei.I have already eaten there and I will write about it another day.

But to anyone who wants to taste the orginal... the real...true orginal taste of Tiong Bahru Lor Mee.You have to go Bukit Batok to have it.And that's the truth.

Blk 155A, Bukit Batok West Ave 8



  1. Just eaten this lor mee 10mins ago, before your posting. What a coincidence! Lol I have been their supporter since I moved here a few yrs back. Don't know abt their story but just love their lor mee. It's definitely different from the one in Penang, this is more flavourful, darker and no prawn. I am just too lazy to post food review nowadays. But glad that you blog abt it. Love your post abt this stall!

  2. Thank you Ladyhomechef.
    So far I have not come across any lor mee stall with prawns in Singapore.