26 Sep 2010

White Bee Hoon......Sembawang

White Bee Hoon....part 1.
                 You Huak Restaurant.....
Located along Sembawang Road,opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre,in quiet  old fashion  coffeeshop,nothing much to look at or describe .There are a few well known shop restaurants along this area.

But you can't miss this place,with big a header at entrance of the restaurant screaming, "Ba Mi Fen"(White Bee Hoon).

Just one look around and almost every table,no, not almost,but every table you could see,the White Bee Hoon.
Having heard about this white bee hoon for sometime,here I am having a plate.
The bee hoon came,looking very simple, topped with some bits of egg,veges, 3 small pieces of cuttlefish and  2 small prawns. It was a wet type.Tasted almost like more to the Hor Fun kind of sauce,without the starch or soy added to it.The stock was quite tasty but not as exciting as I imagine.The bee hoon was slightly over cooked to absorb the stock.

Maybe I was expecting something done more elaborately  and differently.Not saying, it was not good,it was quite nice.But to me it tasted more a seafood bee hoon which we can order commonly from any cze char,without the starch,to thicken the sauce.$5.00.
I have tried the White Bee Hoon twice and still have the same opinion .

 Fried Prawn Rolls.$10.00.
Thought I went just to eat,only the bee hoon,I just could not help it.When I saw the rolls on the table next to me.
The prawn rolls were thick, crispy with bean sheet roll giving the crispiness.The filling of  prawns,meat,chest nuts,were very crunchy,tasty,very well seasoned.This was very nice.

Another White Bee Hoon...part 2.......shortly...link

 You Huak Restaurant
.No.22 Jalan Tampang(opp.Sembawang Shopping Centre)
open:11.00 a.m - 11.00p.m
closed on Wendesday.


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