10 Oct 2010

Che Jian Hokkien Mee

The other stall at Chomp Chomp.

 I thought only  Ah Hock ruled at Chomp Chomp for Hokkien Mee. But this Hokkien Mee stall "Che Jian" does command,it's equal amount of followers at Chomp Chomp and the wait time for a Hokkien Mee can be equally long too.Waited for around 25 minutes.

 The noodles were cooked with the usual eggs,prawns,cuttlefish with bits of pork lard and small sliced bits of belly pork. The the wok hei was done very well,there were some chars on the noodles and had a very smokey taste.Though the noodles looks saucy like wet version of the Hokkien Mee.This it was quite dry.

 Stewing was not long enough or maybe this is the way he wants it to be.This is certainly a dried version in the disguise of  a wet version.Another for those who love their Hokkien Mee dry.

Che Jian Hokkien Mee
Stall # 01-11
Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road.
5.30p.m- 1 a.m

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