29 Oct 2010


Almost the Traditional way....
Chendol you can find it almost in every dessert stall...

I remember when decades back the way chendol,(which are made from mung bean) were sold.They do their own chendol.You won't know what they selling,unless you familiar in that area..In a make shift push cart stall with big stainless steel container,along the roadside.The chendol drink was inside the the container .Ice shaved when ordered,the chendol drink poured into a small bowl.And the taste....

 Yes,this stall does it's own chendol .And does it the old school way.

Their home made jade green coloured,chendol strips are a bit smaller than usual ones.But are done in a traditional way.With a hint of pandan flavour with a kind of eggy taste,which you don't get at other stalls.

The drink mixture are also done quite close to traditional old school way..The slightly diluted coconut milk,added with plam sugar with hint salt.Just does wonders to this eggy tasting chendol  drink.I have it less sweet,for a more balance taste and flavour. A bit pricey but I just can't  find this taste elsewhere.
 Simple ..old way ..worth a try.$1.50

Cendol geyland serai
Geyland Serai Market Food Centre


  1. Thanks for the tip.

    I was almost desperate enough to set up my own Chendol stall except I have no idea how to make it. Gave up trying chendol in our little island. Will give this a try soon :).