14 Oct 2010

Jie Bakery & Confectionery

Old is Gold....Traditionally Baked Bread Loaves.

In this rundown dark messy shop,there is pure gold mine.
A bite of this bread,brought back flashes of memories of  my childhood days.Flashes of beautiful,carefree childhood days are so fresh, hard to forget.Simple things like,running after a bread selling van,can be so joyful.

Yes,the bread here are done the very old school way.And this is more to how,the bread tasted in my yesteryear.And something which I  have been,longing to have for a long long time.

Of course,we can get something familiar to this type of breads,at most coffee shop's kaya toast and some bakery like around Whampoa which I have all ready tried before.

But the taste,it does matters,it might be a mild difference.But how much a small little difference can do to a bland,plain tasting bread.The bread here is soft,a slight chewy texture,it's has this a mild bready taste(if there is word bready) that enchants the flavour of the bread.It just so nice and tasty.Plain,bland,siok... la...

 The kaya and butter really have some sting in them.Kaya was very creamy thick,eggy taste slightly over sweet but still very tasty.Can certainly give any of the big kaya toast, big boys a run for their  money..Butter(margarine) was creamy,soft,smooth,very fluffy like being beaten.Nice enough better than most.

I already been there,more times to buy this type of tradition,loaves of bread than any other place.Plain or with kaya butter...siok man!..My niece loves it with peanut butter.
One for  the memory lane...

Jie Bakery & Confectionery
123 Upper Paya Lebar Road.


  1. It is often the case that the small run down looking places do the best traditional food - nothing fancy, just good solid food made the way it should be made!

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  3. Thanks Sally,
    Here it almost impossible to find rundown old places,and still serving traditional stuff.

  4. Hi saya,
    thank you for visiting me and for nice your comments.

  5. Can anyone tell me how can i get to Jie Bakery by bus from Marine Parade area?

    1. Hi,
      you can take bus from MP area to change at Paya Lebar. Bus 24, 43, 76, 70, 22 etc all go past the confectionary.